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How do I sleep in a way that I don't cut my circulation off in my arms and legs?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15422points) April 23rd, 2018

I’ve tried using pillows on pressure points. Nothing works other than to rotate every 5 minutes. Do you have a suggestion? Maybe loosing weight? Do you have a specific pillow that I can buy?

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Walk for a hour a day. Get the heart strong so it can push blood around. And yeah losing weight would help.

Now that summer is here it is perfect to get your walk on.

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For me & my arms I’ve found that sleeping using a horseshoe shaped travel pillow gives my neck just enough support to keep my arms from going to sleep. I don’t have trouble with my legs so I have no thoughts there. Since I’ve started using the travel pillow, I’ve been able to go from side sleeping to back sleeping which might have more to do with it than I’m giving credit. Before the pillow, I’d wake up with a dead arm & could shift myself to a place that corrected the problem which changed nightly. Since the travel pillow, I’m not waking up to a dead rm anymore & I’m getting a deeper & more relaxing sleep.I found mine on Amazon by searching “travel pillow”

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I’m a big guy too. I can’t really sleep on my back because of my sinuses, so I sleep on my sides. Usually, I wake up once my arm is asleep, and switch to the other side. I probably never stay asleep longer than 40 minutes.
I lost my bed on a flood. So I slept on a couch for 2 years. It was actually better, in some ways. I could put my large arm up on the back of the couch, and one of my legs. That kept some of the weight off of me.

I currently use 3 small pillows strategically positioned between my knees, and a big firm pillow on my chest, to keep my arm off of me, and on for my heavy head.

I don’t know what it’s like to be “normal” sized. But it seems harder to be so big… Everything is tougher. Clothing, bedding, vehicles, hitting your head, ceiling fans, breaking furniture etc.

Losing weight is hard, because I am not really fat. I just have a very large frame, and I don’t want to lose my muscles. The doctor said that I would be perfect at 250 lbs. I’m at about 270 now (down from 300ish.) I’ve been eating less, because I don’t need to be so big now that I’m not going to be bouncing anymore. I have 2 weeks left. I guess I’m not as intimidating as I was at 300. I’ve been suckered punched, and fighting more lately…

The weight I lost, hasn’t helped my sleep…

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Why do you think your circulation is being cut off? I only ask because some people say that when it’s actually pressure on a nerve.

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@JLeslie My arms and legs go numb. No clue what the exact definition is.

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I wonder if you did some sort of sleep study if they could figure it out? I don’t have any answers.

My arms go to “sleep” if I have them above my head while I’m sleeping. It’s scary how extreme it is. If my husband sees me sleeping that way he brings them down for me.

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Arms and legs “going to sleep” or “pins and needles” could be pinched nerves in neck or back.

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Weight loss can help. Also positioning other things (e.g. foam, small pillows, blankets, rolled up towels) in various places and different sleeping positions. I’d try exploring various positions and paying attention to the weight and how my body feels in various positions.

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Sleep on your side. Use a thick shredded memory foam pillow for your arms (not for your head) to put one extended arm outward under the pillow and one on top, also extended away from y our body So your arms are stretched out in front of you. If you have a spouse you might have to get a king size bed. If you have carpel tunnel in your wrists be sure your hand on the top is palm down. Shredded memory foam pillows stay tall; they don’t crush down. I don’t like them for my head but they are the ticket for my arms.

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Don’t sleep in the bathtub anymore.

Sleep on your side, with your legs like a pari of open scissors. Whatever leg is on top, bend at the knee,

Put your upper arm out, almost tsraight but relaxed, Bend you lower arm at the elbow, and have your lower hand almost under your pillow.

Make sure your room is dark, no lights from charging electronics, no screen gazing in bed. Then fall asleep.

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When I sleep on my side I like to stuff a small pillow underneath my armpit so that I don’t get “t-rex arms” – specifically fom pillows work really well for this. I also put a pillow between my legs. Since I discovered how good it feels to put a pillow between your legs like 6 years ago, I haven’t stopped. It now feels weird and unnatural and uncomfortable to sleep without a pillow between my legs. And if I don’t have an extra pillow to put in between my legs, I roll up a portion of the bed sheet or comforter and stuff it between my legs.

When sleeping on my back, I like to put a pillow or two underneath my legs. For me, I’m guaranteed never to toss and turn when I do this. It works like magic. Also when I sleep on my back, I put a fom pillow under the arch of my neck. Feels sooooo good. Man. I zonk out immediately and wake up in the exact position.

EDIT: When I say fom pillow, I mean these:

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