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Why won’t my mom let me do things?

Asked by Stephanie122 (4points) May 3rd, 2018

Why won’t my mom let me do things? She won’t let me date anyone and is scared for me to go out with my friends after dark. She refuses to tell me about relationships as she claimes I “don’t understand.” She is scared when I talk to boys and acts likes she’s jealous or something… why is she being like this?

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She doesn’t want you to be hurt. Be greatful that someone cares enough about you to say no. You will miss it when your an adult.

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your mother is worried about you, and for very good reason. It isn’t jealousy. She’s terrified at where your hormones might drag you. You should always keep in mind that as unlikely as it seems to you now, your mother was once your age and traveled the same road as yourself. Remind her of this (gently) and ask her to put herself in your shoes. Then ask her whether or not you would better off if she gave you her perspective, than to deny you her take and allow you to stumble through this phase of your life without her.

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Plain & simple…Your Mother LOVES you & knows it is her job to keep you safe!!! I understand that you feel that you know everything & can take care of yourself. However, the truth is that there are soooo many dangers out there that you’ve never experienced that you’ll be shocked when faced with them!!! The one saying I always hated hearing but have learned is true is that you won’t understand no matter how much we try to explain until you have a daughter of your own!!!

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Why ask us? I would highly recommend having a conversation with her. Not a shouting match…check the angst at the door. Have the conversation. Tell her you don’t understand. Ask her to explain her views to you. It might be that she feels you are too young (I have no idea how old you are) or that you have given her cause to question your decisions in the past. It might be that she just doesn’t want you to grow up. But we don’t know you and don’t know your mom so we cannot honestly answer your question. Time to be the adult in the relationship and open the conversation with your mom.

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Because being a parent is protecting your children, that’s her job and she’s trying to do it. There are a lot of people in the world who would do you harm just for fun and she knows it.

One time my niece was upset with her dad because he wouldn’t let her go to the park after dark, and I had to explain rape to her and why she shouldn’t put herself in that position of danger. It was tough for me, but she needed to hear life wasn’t all unicorns and roses, it’s hard bad things, too. Be a kid while you can.

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It’s difficult to answer this without knowing details such as how old you are. Your mother is being protective. “Doing things” is fun but can easily have consequences that ruin the rest of your life. Your mother was once your age, maybe she had a bad experience. Talk to her and get to know her. You will only ever have one mother.

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