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Anyone have the problem of your phone ringing 1-2 times everyday at 1 am?

Asked by Jonwpb (4points) May 9th, 2018

Started 2 weeks ago….too fast for caller ID to catch number. Any thoughts?

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Not sure if it is the same thing, but I had the middle of the night calls from random numbers for a while. But it also happens during the day. What I discovered is some scam going on where somebody “shadows’ you phone number. There is some program or tool in use that allows someone to call you and your caller ID will show a number, but it won’t be their real number. If you were to call them back, it would go to the number they used, not to the person actually calling. The person you reach will never have called you. I even got a call from my phone number one night. I’m not exactly what the scam is…something about if you answer they get some data from your phone I think.

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A bit off-topic, but several years ago something similar happened in my place. Someone would call or text at exactly midnight. It always had something to do with a ghost. You either heard a scary voice or saw a creepy message. No one was able to trace the owner of the prank.

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Mine always happens at 3 am. I now have my home phone forwarded to my cell. I’ve blocked the number on my cell. Problem solved!!!

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This has not entered my mind for almost 20 years, but I did have that problem for a while. I never discovered the source.

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I tracked mine back & it was coming from a local motel. They claimed that it was probably a guest making the call & it was just showing their phone number. There was a news story at the time of scammers getting motel rooms & making all of their calls from them. Anyway, it was a motel I had never used nor needed so I just blocked them. If I ever have anyone I know staying there, I can always unblock for their stay then block again.

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Nyet, that can never occur, since I turn my phone off in the evening. If anyone wants to call, I insist that he call at a reasonable time, not when I am sleeping.

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@SimpatichnayaZhopa At the time it was happening I couldn’t turn my phone off as I had both my parents in the hospital & I couldn’t miss any call from the hospital!!!

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Well, that is a different case. I have never needed to have my phone on 24 hours a day. I often just leave it home when I go out.

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