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"Opposites Attract" - Do you think it's true about love relationships?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) May 13th, 2018

What is your experience / thought process on this?

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It has been my experience that opposites do attract. My husband was extremely quiet & I never shut up!!! We got along great. I think he liked that I was willing to do all the talking so he didn’t need to.

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^Isn’t that true in most of the cases? jk..)

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@imrainmaker Seems to be…good thing too!!! laughing

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Not always, perhaps seldom.

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I think this is generally true. However, perhaps it is not that opposites attract but because of the likelihood of competition same repels.

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For the most part people are attracted to those who are similar in terms of education level, wage level, race, religion and political leaning. I read once that the IQs for couples correlates more strongly than for siblings. It may help to have some personality traits that are complementary.

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I do think opposites attract, but in my experience true happiness lies with someone similar to you as @LostInParadise says. Maybe tantamount to the ‘soulmate’ feeling some yearn for.

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In my experience, opposites definitely do attract, but it’s only worked in platonic friendships, not romantic relationships.

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I recently made friends with someone who is the opposite of me: conservative and extroverted. We get along extremely well as friends, but last week she hinted that she wanted to date, and I had to tell her that I liked her as a friend.

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My husband & I were polar opposites; so, we just agreed to disagree on everything but our love for each other!!!

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Yes, but it isn’t the best recipe for a lifelong love affair. Dating fine, but marriage…............think long and hard.

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