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Do you see things laying on the side of the road or in the median of the interstate that concerns or surprises you?

Asked by chyna (42407points) May 15th, 2018 from iPhone

I saw a baby car seat in the median today. I didn’t see a baby with it though. It did make me think how the hell did that get there! What weird stuff have you discovered on the roads?

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The solitary shoe.

A kid’s shoe, sure. Look the other way and your little guy might well throw his shoe out the car window. But a man’s wing tip?

You never see a pair. Just one.

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Here is a little story for you all, on one of my night runs came around a corner and saw this thing the size of a cow right in front of me,no time to brake or swerve I hit it dead on sounded like a bazooka cussing up a storm pulled over about a kilometre down the road to see what damage it had caused, not a scratch on the transport confused but happy continued, on the way back I passed one of our trucks I asked him if he had seen anything on the road he laughed and said someone murdered a pickup truck box liner.

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I saw an adult size laced up running shoe with the sock still in it.I still wonder where the foot went. Around the same time, my niece was telling me that on a pier near where she goes to college that they found a running shoe with a human foot still in it. I had nightmares about a footless man running down the road.

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I won’t be able to sleep at all tonight. It was on our news tonight that the 14th shoe with a human foot inside has washed up on a shore in Canada between Vancouver Island & British Columbia.

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There was a news bit a while back about a man saw a child safety seat alongside the highway.
It actually did have a baby in it, abandoned by mommy.

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The litter that lies at the side of the road concerns me. The world is not your trash can. I have also seen a single shoe lying by the edge of the road. A smart, highly polished black shoe. What is that all about?

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I once saw a dog lying on the median of a highway. It looked hurt. I called 911 and proceeded to have the most brain dead conversation with dispatch.
Me, “There is a collie dog lying on the median at mile marker 20.”
Dispatch, “OK, can you describe it?”
Me, “Well, it’s a collie dog….”
“How big is it?”
“It’s as big as a collie dog. Not real big but not real small.”
“What color is is?”
“It’s collie dog color. Different colors, mostly tan and white. Some brown.”
Long story short, they found his owner.

I just assume the stuff usually flies out of the back of a pick up.

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I rarely see anything laying on the side of the road or in the median. Sometimes some rubber off of a tire.

In NC we always see cars on the side of the highway. It’s weird. I don’t consider the cars items laying on the side of the road though.

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@JLeslie It’s been a while since i’ve done much traveling; but, isn’t NC one of the states that took out their medians & put in concrete barrers or strands of cable to stop vehicles from losing control & crossing overt into oncoming traffic?

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@LadyMarissa Maybe some of them. I haven’t been there in few years, and I don’t remember well if they had barriers or not. That would just be on the highways I would think. I do remember coming up a highway, and I think we were in NC at the time, we were on our way to Pinehurst, and that highway did not have a median barrier, but it may not have been an Interstate. It was like being on an interstate, 4 lanes divided by a median, high speed, exit ramps, etc. We saw an accident where someone mowing the median was hit by a truck. The guy flew through the air. Scary.

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