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What do you know about "incels"?

Asked by Demosthenes (12731points) May 15th, 2018

Alek Minassian, the van driver who mowed down 10 people in Toronto on April 23, 2018, was a self-identified “incel”, that is, “involuntarily celibate”. The term usually refers to online communities of men who self-identify with the term, which describes their frustration at being unable to find a romantic/sexual partner.

They might have remained obscure and relegated to internet forums had they not been associated with several mass murders, including the one mentioned above. Elliot Rodger, who murdered 6 people at UCSB in 2014, was apparently motivated by his “incel” status and referred to it in his manifesto.

This article suggests that incels are overt misogynists and “male supremacists” who often support violent ideology:

Why does sexual frustration sometimes turn violent? What can be done to prevent further “incel”-fueled mass murders?

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I think it’s fine to show frustration for not getting a partner, but don’t be upset if that turns people off. People like Elliot Rodger are who they have to thank for that, honestly.
I’ve been on a few chatting sites (not necessarily dating) and guys that say “Why are all the hot girls taken” and “Why can’t I get a girlfriend” automatically are on my “ignore” list. It’s weird to say those things.
Confidence is key and Incels obviously lack that. (Guys don’t even have to be confident, just don’t say weird things like that)
What I know about them usually comes from things making fun of them, or posts putting them on blast for being dumb or the fedora-wearing nice guy meme thing.

Obviously, bathing in self pity because they can’t get a girl is unattractive, and if they just started acting confident (even if they don’t feel like that) They might have some luck.

Why does sexual frustration turn violent?
I don’t know. Obviously, it’s enough to make some people cheat and ruin relationships and other peoples feelings so it must be a big deal to men (and women) who experience that. Mix that in with low self-confidence, possible mental issues (most people don’t just suddenly snap), and the inability to get a girl to relieve the frustration and boom. You got a ticking time bomb.

What can be done to prevent the incel fueled murders?
Honestly, nothing. You can’t force women to want to be with these men and if they are stuck in self-pity cant do much to fix them either. Most of the people who are bothered by this enough that they resort to murder have more than just incel related issues going on.

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Testosterone. It’s a violence, or sex hormone…

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I think a lot of those guys are just plain afraid of women.

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I would assume that there are many other contributing factors that make people turn violent. “Can’t get laid” seems to be a disingenuous reduction of many aspects that factor into the equation.

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Why will other mammals fight to the death for the right to mate with the females? It’s all part and parcel of the male psyche.

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@johnpowell Pretty informative and hilarious, nice!

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Violence and sex are not that far apart.

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