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Have I been conned?

Asked by TheWebofDreams (84points) May 23rd, 2018

Last month I purchased a games console off Amazon which was expected to arrive on this day, but as you can guess, it never arrived.

A week or so before the ‘delivery’ day, I received this message from the sellar which I will copypaste in the comment section.

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Here it is

Heyy webb <3

This will be the last msg from me about your lashes hun x

I just wanna make sure you love your lashes. I really appreciate you supporting Luxilash and wanted to say again, thx <3

Can you do me one small favour pls? xox

Amazon needs to have customer feedback and reviews to keep Luxilash alive! I would really love it if you left me one <3 ( takes less than a minute )

If you have already left me one about your eyelashes, THANK YOU.

If you have not yet, click the link below.

Oh yh and dont forget to check out your luxilash guide. xxx<3

If you have any questions or need help with your lashes, please let me know. I am here to help and want to make sure you are a HAPPY customer for life hun xx

Thanks again web <3

Nay x

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Contact Amazon.
It is possible some company mixed up product numbers, it happens, but it could be a thieving jerk.
Either way, Amazon should be able to help you sort it out.

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Yes, contact Amazon.

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And get a tracking number for your package.

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In my experience Amazon are super efficient at sorting this sort of stuff out. Contact them right away.

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Go to the Amazon website & look on your orders page. Go down to where you ordered the lashes & see IF it shows as delivered. My experience with the sellers is that they send an email when Amazon shows as shipped asking if you need any help or if you received everything OK. Then about a week later, they send one asking you to give them a positive rating. Then the one you just received is a followup a few days later. Since a lot of items are shipped by Amazon, the sellers don’t usually tract their shipments assuming the customer will contact them IF they have a problem.

In the same place on your order page where you can see IF it’s shown as delivered, there is a button to contact seller/shipper. Due to strict rules by Amazon, most sellers will try to fix your problem immediately. IF they don’t,you can contact Amazon directly & they will force the seller to make the shipment good or at worst, issue a refund. Amazon is very aware that their customers make their business & are normally very efficient at fixing problems!!!

At least that has been my experience!!!

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The item of choosing was the PS4 Pro not a lash product.

I sent the seller an email, but after coming across negative feedback on its profile page, I contacted Amazon about my fears. The comments specified that he did the same to them.

Unfortunately the negatively, despite being at 100%, are hidden in a barage of positive comments.

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In 20 years of buying from Amazon, I was only ever ripped off once. It was a Chinese shipper & the item only cost about $3.00. It was going to take a month for the item to arrive. The tracking number they provided never showed up in the Post Office tracking system; but I couldn’t file a complaint until a week past the delivery due date. Tracking out of China isn’t always that accurate; so I didn’t worry. By the time I realized that the package wasn’t going to arrive & contact Amazon, they informed me that that particular shipper had disappeared overnight without fulfilling their obligations. They apologized for my loss. Had it cost much more than the $3 I would have pushed harder to get a refund; but it seemed like a waste of my time for just $3. Now, I stay away from overseas shippers because you have little to no recourse since they don’t have to follow US laws!!!

Any other problem I have had has always been corrected immediately if not faster. I had a problem with the carrier on one delivery & when I told Amazon, they gave me a credit on my Prime account so it would be extended an extra 2 months. They did that without my asking which shocked me.

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I’d say yes, you were conned. Contact Amazon just in case.
If I got a message like that, from any seller, I’d either assume it was a scam or never buy from them again.
Just a piece of advice, I know buying electronics could be cheaper on Amazon especially used ones. I’d always go for Verified seller over price though. I’d much rather pay a little more knowing I’m not going to get scammed vs pay a little less and be scammed.

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I avoid buying electronics from Amazon completely. I get my electronics from Best Buy so I have a store within reason where I can speak with a live person & take it back IF it doesn’t work as advertised!!!

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What is also strange is that the seller has a 100% positive rating and at least 75% for negative feedback.

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Could I have the link to where you originally bought the item from?

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Here is a link to the seller’s page.

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It might just be me; but I see NO link.

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The lline beside “Negative” shows 100% but that means 100% negative in the last 30 days, 28% negative in the last 90 days, 3% negative in the last 12 months, & 3% negative in the last year. In other words, they had a rapid, steady decline in satisfied customers. Just guessing, they just started selling within the last year. The 100% negative in the last 30 days should have been the first clue that you should buy from some other seller.

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This is the message that I received from Amazon:

“My name is Xave from Amazon Customer Service and I’ll do my very best to help you with your query.

First of all, I would like to apologise for the inconveniences this caused you by this situation and thank you for taking the time to send your comments.

On your email, I understand that your worried about the negative feedback to our seller LUXI BEAUTY.

Don’t worry, Amazon will take full responsibility for any item purchase from our website.

Also to assist you further, I’ve sent an e-mail about this order to the Seller, LUXI BEAUTY, on your behalf. I’ve specifically mentioned that “The item has not arrived as scheduled. Please send a status update to the customer”, and you will receive a copy of this e-mail.

Please allow LUXI BEAUTY up to 2 business days to reply to the e-mail we’ve sent on your behalf, although in most cases you’ll receive a reply much sooner. It’s possible that the Seller’s reply may be routed to the spam filters owned by your e-mail provider. You can always see all e-mails between you and any Marketplace Seller using the Seller Communications Manager via the following link:

In the unlikely event that the Seller doesn’t provide a satisfactory response to your query, or if a response isn’t received within 2 business days, we offer our A-to-z Safe Buying Guarantee for your protection. You may want to file a claim on or after 2 days for the full reimbursement of your total order cost.”

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I’m confused. You said you ordered a PS4. I want this link to the PS4
The LUXI Beauty thing is a scam, but it could be tied to the PS4 so send me that link.
Did you contact the seller of the console? Don’t waste your time on the LUXI beauty if all they did was send you an email. Contact the people who sold you the console

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@TheWebofDreams If you scroll up to the first response (from you) after the question, you are showing the message from LUXI that’s referencing their LUXIlash. This is part of what you posted…I just wanna make sure you love your lashes. I really appreciate you supporting Luxilash and wanted to say again, thx

A little further down, you posted a link they gave you to leave a review. That link goes to the PS4. I also noticed that all links are for Amazon UK. They may handle things different from here in the US. Since Amazon said to give the seller 2 days to reply, followup with Amazon on Tuesday or Wednesday as the weekend probably doesn’t count as part of the 2 days…they usually mean 2 business days.

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@LadyMarissa the link above goes to a LUXILash product

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Right but it isn’t even possible to make a purchase. It talks about Luxi Beauty, but it doesn’t even describe what they’re supposed to be selling. It doesn’t show the product or the price.

I think they’re out of business.

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Are you even reading my comments? I said I received an email from the sellar Luxi Beauty about a week or 2 before the delivery date talking about a product (luxilash) that I have never bought. I purchased a PS4 Pro not a Luxilash.

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Sorry If I sounded rude but a lot of thoughts are going through my head.

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@TheWebofDreams Scroll back up to your very first response about their email referencing the lashes. They are asking for feedback on the lashes they say you bought then if you go to the link they provide, it takes you to the PS4 review. I can’t tell if they were intentionally conning you or if thet are just an inept seller. I know it’s frustrating; but, I still think that if you follow through with Amazon that you will receive a refund.

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I have to wait 2 days (now 1) and if the seller does not respond then Amazon will have to do something but I want it sorted now especially since it is now obvious that the sellar is a scammer.

The only product that I ever purchased from the seller was a PS4 Pro so I don’t know what the sellar is going on about with lashilux.

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Alright, the original link in the first comment leads to the PS4. I couldn’t tell if it was a legit link so I didn’t click it. My Apologies.

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I’m an Amazonaholic & I recognize their links. I don’t like that they chose to have their sellers contact us with links & pdf which are both the same way that hackers attack us but it is the way they choose to control their business!!! Amazon can be frustrating in the way they make you jump through hoops to get things done; but, in the end they are usually fair & honest!!!

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Blast Amazon on Twitter…they will have to look into your order as they care dearly about their social reputation. Tweet so much that you become a pain in their ass. I got refund for a product that was never delivered by tweeting!

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It’s been a while. Have you had any results from Luxi or Amazon? Was your money refunded?

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