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What do school shooters do all summer?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24735points) June 8th, 2018

School is out, or about to be, in most of the country, so I would expect that we won’t hear of any mass shootings for several months.

I don’t think I have ever heard of a shooting a summer school or at a day camp.

Are the potential shooters biding their time until next fall? Are they doing target shooting over the summer?

Does it make sense to be complacent over the summer?

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IDK I don’t know!
Most don’t go to see their therapist on a regular basis.

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Circle-jerk on right wing, white supremacist, incel, mra websites with like-minded scum.

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There was a terrible camp shooting in Norway on July 22, 2011 .

I don’t know what you’re trying to get at with this question.

But in general, my expectation is that people who go on suicidal shooting sprees are deeply disturbed by something, and for the ones where that’s something about school, I wouldn’t expect that to often by interchangeable with summer schools or day camps.

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Practice their shooting skills.

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Play first person shooters. Like Unreal tournament and counterstrike. Thats what the Brevick guy did from Norway.

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Well, @elbanditoroso, many of the go hungry during the summertime, because they survive on free breakfast, lunch, and snacks during the school year. Perhaps this scenario adds to the violence?

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^^Is there some sort of statistic that school shooters are more likely to be poor? I hadn’t heard that.

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Seems to me people who become school shooters were not school shooters before they shot at a school, at which point mostly they’re dead.

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All I know is that Trump will take credit for the decline in shootings. His gullible followers will believe him. When they ratchet back up in the fall, it’ll be Obama’s fault…

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stock up on ammo and resentments.

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Ditto @ Stanley. “Gee, Sally Sue said I have zits and she likes Billy better. I’m gonna go get daddy’s AR 15 and go kill her and 25 other kids”.

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