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Are there any drop-in toilet cleaners that aren’t a color and aren’t bleach?

Asked by JLeslie (56386points) June 17th, 2018 from iPhone

The kind you drop in the tank.

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I thought that the color (darkish blue) was there for safety reasons to that kids, dogs, etc., would not put their hands or paws or snouts in the tank.

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I don’t think so. It’s the bleach that makes the clean.
Also, dropping a disc into the tank doesn’t do much since little of the water in the tank stays in the bowel after the flush. You want one of those in-line cleaner containers that fits into the little tube that refills the bowl. Then the cleaner goes where needed and not straight down the drain.
The majority of the water that is in the tank goes down the drain when the toilet is flushed to create the siphon action that pulls the waste filled bowl down the drain. Then the bowel is refilled through the aforementioned little tube.
Also, the bleach in the tank will damage the parts inside the tank.

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I always thought the blue colored water was so that anyone peeing in the water could watch it turn green.

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Denture tablets. They’re nontoxic, and they clean very well. Drop two into the toilet; the water turns blue while they’re working; then, the water becomes clear.

Dentures are porcelain, and so is a toilet.

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^^I wonder if that would really work?

It only stays actively cleaning for those few minutes though, is that right? The other tablets last a month.

@kritiper The area that is a pain to clean is the holes right under the rim.

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I’ve never found any drop-in toilet cleaner tablets that actually worked, no matter what their color. Don’t waste your money.

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^^Good to know. I probably should have asked that first.

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@JLeslie Hell, I knew that! Just get some little round nylon brushes that fit the holes.
Besides, the little tube I mentioned fills the bowl through those little holes…or didn’t you notice??

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About 5 years ago I lived in a little studio apartment with a mold problem. The bowl was especially nasty.

So I dropped in one of the blue pucks in the reservoir. It seemed to help the mold in the bowl.

I thought I solved the problem. I did not.

I looked into replacing the puck so I lifted the lid off and some bad shit appeared.

The mold started growing on the puck. It took up about a quarter of the tank. I was moving soon so I just put the lid back on and decided that was someone elses problem.

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^^Yuck. Lol. Some of it might be mold, I’m not sure. I can get rid of it easily, I just need to actually use gloves and a sponge. A bowl brush doesn’t reach well enough.

@kritiper I can get it clean, I was just looking to work less to keep it clean.

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@JLeslie I’ve not tried this, but how about some CLR? You can Google the product.
I also read on some other site that Barkeeper’s Friend can clean just about anything. Disclaimer: I’ve not tried this, either.

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^^I do my best to avoid CLR. I can’t stand the smell.

I can get it clean with the products I use. I use Tylex to get some bleach in there. I use a pumice stone or lemi-shine to get rid of hard water build up Now and then. Every so often I buy actual toilet bowl cleaner. I use bon ami or something similar sometimes.

I bought barkeepers friend for the first time several months ago. I’m not sure if I like it. I use it in the kitchen.

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I tried CLR on my shower head. The odor and chemicals hurt my lungs.
@Ilovemydoggie I tried the denture tablets this morning. It seems to work, but not for @jleslie’s purpose of the wholes at the top of bowl. I’m interested in seeing what people suggest, too.
I have denture tablets on hand because I use them to clean my jewelry.

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@chyna Are the denture tablets safe for all metals?

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I’m not sure. I use them on my 14 k diamond earrings and sterling silver rings.

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@chyna I tried the denture tablets this morning. It seems to work, but not for @jleslie’s purpose of the wholes at the top of bowl

Yep, I misread @JLeslie‘s question. “Tank” means the upper, covered part of a toilet, but my brain jumped to “bowl.” What dumb mistakes I makes…

The denture tablets trick is a quick and easy way to clean a toilet bowl. Drop a couple into the water, go away for a while, then swish with a brush. This method works for me every time and does a great job.

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You might try this: Remove the tank cover, then find where the little hose sprays water down the pipe to fill the bowel. Aftre flushing and allowing the tank to fill, squirt enough “Lysol toilet bowel cleaner with lime and rust remover” down into the same tube until the Lysol starts to run out of the little holes in the bowel rim. Let sit overnight, or for as long as possible. Scrub with a brush and flush.

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