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What happened to the rest of the world? (FIFA is all Europe)

Asked by elbanditoroso (24926points) July 10th, 2018

France (Europe) beat Belgium (Europe) today.

England (Europe) plays Croatia (Europe) tomorrow.

Aside from the obvious answer (“they lost their games”) why are Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas not represented?

Are European teams that much better?

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Europeans have soccer Canadians have hockey. I’ve never seen Canada make the playoffs in soccer.

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BRzil and Argentina are big soccer countries. I’m not really following the World Cup but I know they were beaten out. It just seems to be an anomaly of this year’s games.

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They don’t play nice with others.

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Edit: “Brazil”, of course.

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Out of 20 world cup winners, 9 have been from South America and the other 11 were European. No one else has ever won. It really is dominated by those two regions. It’d be interesting if an Asian, African, or North American team could win.

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The Europeans have the money to buy the talent?

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Actually, it was a surprise to many if not most that Brazil did not win their match with Belgium. They were favored going into the tournament. But soccer games are low scoring events so a single mishap can have devastating results for a team. Also, several of the games have been decided in a shoot-out at the end of the regular game. Shootouts are one-on-one, goalie and player and often comes down to who guesses best or gets luckiest. This is how Brazil lost finally.
Same with Argentina and Mexico both highly favored but losing.
Japan and Korea had teams in the event but they too lost.
Nigeria and Senegal also had teams.
Iceland, Morocco, Tunisia, so teams from around the world.
A little more international than the World Series of Baseball or footballs Superbowl.

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Shit happened!

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All the continents you mentioned were well represented so there is no aside, obvious or not they all lost & were knocked out.
Anyway it’s already been decided who wins (ENGLAND)...

“It’s coming home
It’s coming home
Football’s coming home”

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Forgot to mention by the way FIFA is the Federation of International Football Associations.
The European equivalent is UEFA the Union of European Football Associations.

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Teams from All continents are well represented in FIFA World Cup. But it’s the South Americans ( Brazil / Argentina etc.) and European countries who dominate the scene. In this World Cup it’s been all European post quarter finals because of surprise exit of these SA countries. Level of football played in these 2 continents has been much higher than others for various reasons for a long time.

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It’s not really clear to me what the OP is asking. Did you not know all the other countries from othe continents competed or were you asking why they were eliminated early?

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England is not part of Europe. By their own admission. They think they are special.

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No, we know we are…get it right.

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I think we need to have a football match between loli and ucme!

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2 eccentric Europeans!

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@ucme – If England wins the World Cup would you guys give some credit to Meghan for being the lucky charm? :))

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Final: France v Croatia

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@imrainmaker Alas that cannot now happen, but hey that’s okay still got further than ze chermans.

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first time in decades. congratulations.

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Vive la France!

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@ucme – hard luck! I must say England played really well in this World Cup!!

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@imrainmaker Cheers, yeah we did ourselves proud with the youngest team out of all countries competing so the future looks bright :)

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@janbb – True that. What a game… wonderful game to watch!! It reminded me of WC Final of 1998 when France outclassed mighty Brazil by 3–0. This time difference was that they were favorites to win.

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