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Can any species take over human beings intellectually?

Asked by imrainmaker (8360points) July 12th, 2018

Do you think it is possible in the long run? Will there be a new species which will achieve it or any existing species can do it as well?

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the species will be machines. and the takeover is probably right around the corner.!

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Some evolution is a selection of different traits. Some evolution is natural selection. The rest are random mutation ie. radiation from the sun on dna.

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Evolution is an ongoing process, it happens all around us, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

Consider antibiotic resistant bacteria as a prima facie example.

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^Im not asking about what evolution is. I’m asking do you think something will replace us eventually as the most intellectually advanced species?

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@imrainmaker me and loli will replace you mortals. Just in time for computers to reach the singularity. I belive that we have a possibility that a space bridge linked dimensions from different earths and will bring forth our replacements like Europe did to the native Americans. Some octopi are brilliant and might evolve past human’s
. Some virus’s migjt be all that’s left soon when human’s ruin the planet.

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@imrainmaker sorry misunderstood the question.

Given the way Neanderthals were superseded by modern humans, I am sure it could happen again. But it would be a long process, and probably after man made disaster, such as making much of the earth uninhabitable.

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Sure. Especially if humans destroy Earth’s ability to support human life, or other foolish catastrophes we seem intend on creating for ourselves.

Even if we don’t, there will be other species around and they will adapt to us.

However, I think your question begs examination of the term “intellectual” and the perspective from which someone would evaluate it. Humans tend to judge intellect based on human thought patterns and values.

Meanwhile, our cats judge us based on their thought patterns.

From some perspectives, some animals may already be smarter than we are. (Certainly from an environmental conservation perspective, we’re about as dumb as they come.)

If you are interested in actual animal intelligence, I recommend for your consideration the book Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?

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Everything is possible. If we assume the humans some how manage to prevent the catastrophe and undo the damage caused to the environment, then its not happening in the near future that another species would surpass humans. However, if the current situation worsens, then other species are bound to adapt to it. Some might even surpass the human intelligence for the betterment of the world. There was a time when Dianosaurs dominated the Earth. There would be a time, where the world would be devoid of humans and a superior species might emerge. That’s the circle of Earth life.

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If you can list the selective factors in play for procreation and how they are linked to biology and not social circumstance.

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Sure @Zaku..will give it a try!! Thanks for the info.

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