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Will people 'get' it?

Asked by Idkanything (22points) July 15th, 2018

I’m in the process of launching a store selling adult toys for women and am starting to doubt the business name I was leaning towards. My question is, do you think people would get the name Mommy’s Sock Drawer for an adult toy shop? Like a reference to what mommy hides at the back of her drawer.

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No, they wouldn’t get it. Try to find a name that’s a bit more revealing.

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How about a picture of a sock on the doorknob? Call it college gear.

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I wouldn’t. I’d be going in looking for socks.
Maybe something like Mommy’s hidden secrets.

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Are mommies that into socks? I thought socks were more of a daddy thing, committing a whole drawer to them, anyway.

I don’t know about others, but I don’t think an emphasis on momminess is going to attract your target clientele.

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Plus, not all women are mommies.
How about Buzz-Buzz?

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I’ve heard of one erotica store for women called “Eve’s Garden.” I like your idea but I don’t think people will make the connection.

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I wouldn’t get it at all.

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The Boudoire

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How about mommies secret? Or My secret? Or our secret?

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I would get it.

But it brings back painful memories.

I would try to remove the image of children from the name.

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I always thought it was the panty drawer these things were hidden in.

I agree that the image of children should be removed. How about Her Secret Drawer or Your Secret Drawer?

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Ohhhh. I like, ”Your Secret Drawer*. That way you could sell fleshlights too for the dudes.

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Victoria’s Real Secret

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Many would…

… and some others would come looking for socks for mother’s day…

How about two stores. One is a sock shop, but for people who get it, there’s another shop in the back…

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How about Dildo Bag-ins?
No? Fair enough…

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Women’s Sex Toys R Us

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That is sure to the point! Any school children walking by that way??

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Ladies’ Secrets

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I don’t if people will get it right away, but I’m not sure it matters. For every Toys in Babeland, there’s an Adam & Eve. You don’t need the name to scream “sex shop” to get customers. Toys in Babeland even changed its name to just “Babeland” in 2005, and it hasn’t slowed them down at all. Most sex shops survive on word of mouth anyway, so a name that’s innocent to the uninitiated could even be an asset—a secret little smile for those in the know.

@HighFunctioning There’s already a sex toy shop called Good Vibrations. Link is NSFW, obviously.

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