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What stuff do you make yourself?

Asked by yesitszen (1951points) July 17th, 2018

Inspired by a Jelly who makes her own mouthwash.

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Salad dressing, cakes and cookies.

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Food, mainly. I love to cook and I do it regularly. Also computers. I’ve built several PCs over the years and I just finished another gaming build.

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Anything and everything from maple syrup to guitars, I even wind the pickups with a winder I also made myself. I’d say the most complicated thing I designed was a 32 bit microprocessor, it did not work 100% but it was quite an experience. It’s been my job for close to 20 years to “make stuff”

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All sorts of food.


Planters full of succulents.


Xmas cards.

Original recipes.

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I make things to give as gifts and that can be anything from growing little plants to making jewellery from beach glass I find. I knit. I do up old furniture. I fix up old retro needlepoint and woven tapestries so they are more useful and pretty. Everyone loved my little tampon purses I made one year. (note: not made out of tampons, but made from retro needlepoint into little pouches to carry your monthly needs in.)

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As well as mouthwash, I make bug repellent, cooling spray, magnesium body butter (for sore muscles and to accelerate bruise healing), a homemade type of Vapor Rub, sleepy balm, nail and cuticle restorer, bug bite balm, some of my clothes, hot and cold packs, stuff and things and junk.

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Besides poo??

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