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Do you use any simple tricks similar to those shown in the video (details inside)?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) July 21st, 2018

Here’s video of life hacks for very common problems faced. Do you have any tricks up your sleeves which you would like to share?

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imrainmaker's avatar’s good for you girls..)

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I’m subscribed to the 5-Minute Craft Channel. I get a lot of useful ideas from them!!! I’ve used most of the cell phone hacks & they work pretty well!!! In place of using the paper towel roll attached to the paper cups, I cut open an empty toilet paper roll down the side & place that around the speaker on my phone. It’s NOT as good as an expensive speaker but actually works well when listening in my kitchen or bathroom. Actually, placing your phone in a measuring cup is much more effective when in a pinch!!! The binder clips as a stand also works in a pinch.The binder clip is also a great way to keep your Instant Pot inner pot from spinning inside the main pot. I’ve always used a small band-aid to cover the camera on my laptop. I find that the band-aid lasts a lot longer than tape!!!

The paper cups with balloons to use as a ball cannon is great when baby sitting & also helps to entertain immature young men at parties!!! As I said, I watch a lot of their vids & then use their ideas when nothing else is handy!!!

@ragingloli‘s vid was a more interesting thought but I don’t know that I’ll ever try it!!! ;)

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Will definitely have to try the first one!

Also really like the one where you make a water bottle into a cup with a handle. Resourceful and elegant solution with many possible uses.

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