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Which of these four communication styles is your primary style, the one you use more often?

Asked by Inspired_2write (6437points) August 6th, 2018

1. The Director

No time for small talk,
quick to make decisions,
always on the move,
likes to get things done.

2. The Expresser

Talks about ideas and opinions and feelings and experiences,
Great talkers with use of gestures and facial expressions,
Likes to relay stories and thus very entertaining to have around.

3. Thinkers

Likes to solve problems and likes the process of working through details.
Focused on getting things done right and there exacting sense of detail drives them to ask a lot of questions.
Considers other peoples needs and feelings before acting.
Like to discuss details with others to make sure that they have considered every angle.

4. Harmonizers

Listens to others peoples problems,is steady and dependable,who offers sympathy as they are the caregivers and healers.
They are not decisive or daring, but keep people working happily together, often in subtle ways.

People are a mix of a few or one or two of these above styles depending on work situation ,home,or social situations.
Interesting to identify your work associates, partners, etc

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Seems to me there are other styles, too. On Fluther I am often the Smartass, making comments about how questions have issues. Or the Ranter. Or the Joker. Or the Cynic. Or the Bully. Or the Gaslighter. Or the Authority. Or the Victim. Etc.

I can be very sympathetic and offer listening and healing, but I’m not as described in your Harmonizers. I can do some form of your Director or Expresser.

But the closest fit tfor me to your categories would be the Thinker.

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If curious go to the website and do the survey four-communication styles

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#1, no time for bs, let’s just solve it and move on.

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The Expresser I like small talk.

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While at work I operated as a Director style….get things done.
While in social situations and home Expresser style….stories and jokes
In past raising kids Harmonizer style..comforter
Different situations require different styles.

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I’m all 4.

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I’m a Director. It’s not my preference; it’s what I am.

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On special occasions, when the politics of the situation demands it, #3
But anything other than #1 seems to be a waste of time.
And time is the ONLY true non renewable resource, and should never be wasted.

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I am some (and not some) from each category. With 3 you get eggrolls.

It really depends upon the situation, what position I am in (such as at work) and who else is involved in any particular situation.

Different parameters call for different strategies.

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Mostly three and one.
Sometimes two.
Rarely four.

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Likes to think in grand terms and abstractions.
Tends not to see the trees for the forest.
Gets impatient with details.
Prone to procrastination.

Lately I have been aspiring toward being a Harmonizer. The process is as important as the results.

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Thanks everybody for your unique answers.
Just a note for interest sake….Walt Disney was a Thinker and a Doer,all his life he had only one friend and his wife had to struggle to get him out to socialize.
His mind was busy with ideas and that is how he created Disney World and designed the concept and others throughout his entire life. He could not take away valuable thinking time to solves problems by having interruptions in this thought process, so that is why he was by himself most of each day working on new ideas and solutions.He had a most horrible desolate childhood different from what most had in his day,and he wanted to make sure that every child had good memories by creating a world fit for a child.
Often times loners are working on something whether painting, writing a novel,or creating designs in there heads.

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I’m a mix. The conviction varies depending on the situation. At work I’m more of a director, with friends I’m more of the expressive I guess. In discussion groups I’m a thinker. I always have a touch of the harmonizer in all situations. It’s very situational.

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