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Do you use Zelle or one of the mobile-based cash payment apps? What's your experience?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30573points) August 6th, 2018

I tried several (Venmo, PayPal’s app, and one other) – Zelle seems to be the simplest and most efficient.

At least, it has not screwed me.

What is your experience?

[If you haven’t used such an app, don’t feel the need to answer.]

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I’ve mainly used Venmo; I’ve used it many times. I’ve used Zelle only twice, but I’ve had no issues with either one. They come in very handy when paying restaurant bills.

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I’m being paid through Zelle. No issues so far. I think my bank has a good deal with Zelle.

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I’ve been on the receiving end for my boss. We don’t like it. We don’t like that you’re forced to sign up to receive money.

It’s annoying to me that I can’t just do a transfer from my bank at a reasonable fee, or even free, that I have to go through a separate service. It makes no sense to me. The money is still coming out of my account to another bank. Why is that free, but doing it directly with the bank has a fee? I don’t like things that don’t make sense or create more work.

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I use Zelle as it is what Chase uses for Chase pay. Pretty easy to use both inbound and outbound. I don’t even have to acknowledge the transfer and it is in my account.

My daughter and her friends (all in college) use Venmo, and love it. They like it because they can “bill” people their share of a bill, or for something they buy for the group.

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Yes. and I find no problem with it. I still use internet banking for most everything because I like to look at the history of my transactions. What I don’t like is the new ‘Tap’ service. Anything 20 quid and under and I don’t have to use my pin number or insert my card. I feel I have to keep my card in a very secret place now so that no one can stealth-tap it with a debit machine they could just carry around. When did we get into such a hurry paced life that we can’t just pay cash and make eye contact and say ‘Thank you’, instead of just Tap your card, grab your stuff and walk out?

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I have only used Venmo. And that is like 10 times in the last five years. Never really had a problem with it.

However, my sisters kid wants to get a macbook pro and a old mod here works at a Apple store and can get 15% off so I was looking into ways to get 1100 bucks to her so she can order it.

For about half a second I considered Venmo. I am fine if they fuck up 10 bucks for dinner. But 1100 would be a problem. So other, more traditional methods are more prudent.

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I use Zelle regularly with family and a client. All three banks are in the network so the money is transferred in minutes, I have a couple of friends who use Venmo with their kids and they recommend it.

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@Call_Me_Jay My credit union is not in Zelle. Still, when I send money to a kid, or vice versa, it is instantaneous – it is handled as a debit card transaction (either credit or debit) and the money gets to its destination in seconds.

Very convenient.

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I’ve used PayPal and Zelle with no problems.

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