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What is the next great human revolution?

Asked by josie (30931points) August 12th, 2018

In his amazing essay, Sapiens, (a must read) Noah Harari, describes several human “revolutions”
The Cognitive Revolution (c. 70,000 BC, when Sapiens evolved imagination).
The Agricultural Revolution (c. 10,000 BC, the development of agriculture).
The unification of humankind (the gradual consolidation of human political organisations towards one global empire).
The Scientific Revolution (c. 1500 AD, the emergence of objective science).

What do you think is next?

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AI revoluition, where humanity cedes control of our fate to artificial intelligence.

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FYI, Harari speculates the same, among others.

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The statistical revolution . Where science is replaced by statistics. Or homo-superior. Or the singularity where computers match humans in hardware vs. biology. My future children will be the first time lords.

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I like to say world peace. One can hope.

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Universal Atheism. Hopefully, humanity can finally accept the reality and know how to differentiate between fact and imagination.

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@josie Had to look him up, thanks!

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The revolution of ideas that allows us to survive our own self-destructive patterns of thinking and behavior that are about to lead our industry and agriculture to cause the collapse of our environmental ecosystems… either that or it will be the “humans-go-extinct too” revolution.

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Worldwide population control.

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The cockroach revolution wherein we destroy our planet and with global warming only a few roaches survive. They eventually experience the Cognitive revolution and fuck things up for themselves.

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Man gives up on education because it has become too expensive and we all become idiots. Oh, wait. It may have started.

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I know, therefore I am will be understood as a baby step toward true knowing, the recognition of all existence, and each individual’s value within the total. Value not being monetary, but degree of usefulness and impact.

Native Americans were on the right track in understanding all things have a place, and value, but were unfortunately stifled by invaders.

When humans achieve knowing, we will experience a major shift in acceptance, war, divisiveness.
This will be far in the future, as modern humans are too self important, self focused to achieve such shifts.

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The Great Analog Rebellion, in which we free ourselves from the digital tyranny we are creating. Okay, not likely, but one can dream.

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If we knew that, it wouldn’t be a revolution. It is logically impossible to predict a future revolution, because if it were predictable, it wouldn’t be revolutionary.

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You can call it the “singularity” but technology is going to seamlessly integrate into our lives to the point where it virtually disappears before our eyes. I can see humanity escaping internally that is we will inhabit digital worlds that we create and can essentially live in how we see fit without using actual resources. I don’t see AI getting out of hand, I see us merging with it long before it would have a chance to.

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I wrote this with the idea that you mean revolution as in technology/human evolution. (Revolutions are constantly happening and result in seemingly endless civil wars) AI is going to be assisted by 3D printing. We’re going to implant more 3D printed human body bits that are diseased or wear out and even make us better. And, perhaps, like vaccines, we may have things implanted at birth that make us tolerate more polluted air and water or require less water and tolerate higher temperatures or perhaps even space travel. Our skeletons are useless in space and begin to degrade immediately and our blood pressure goes haywire in micro-gravity, so we need to solve that and it will probably be done via specialised implants. We also need better protection from radiation for any long term space missions. There is talk about sending self-building robots into space or to Mars to pre build things, like rockets, so that returning to Earth from Mars could be an option.

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Our own extinction.

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Genuinely think in the not too distant future everyone…& I do mean everyone will be living life as if in a movie musical. Belting out showtunes en masse without a single fuck to give, imagine that & weep sweet tears of contentment as you reload your shotgun :D

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Hey, how cool would that be? Song and dance life! I need to brush up my opera voice for those tragic moments at the medical facilities.

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Most amazing thing is everyone automatically knows every lyric & the choreography is synchronised immacutely fabulously random.

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@ucme Can I make my Bollywood?

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@ScienceChick If it makes you happy…knock yourself out :)

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