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What are your thoughts on latest controversy in US Open final?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) September 8th, 2018

As per Serena Williams coach same thing happens in men’s tennis also but no one has got warning for coaching during the match. Do you think there are double standards here? Full credit to Naomi Osaka though who played beautifully to win the title for 1st time.

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I think it was unfair to Serena.

I also don’t understand the coaching rule. I’m not very familiar with tennis rules. I don’t see why a pro needs coaching during a match, but I also don’t understand why her coach thinks it’s ok, when it’s against the rules and is citing, “well, the others do it so it should be ok.” Everyone should be following the rules, if the rules are stupid then get them changed.

I think Serena really showed grace in the end by quieting the crowd and comforting Osaka. I felt badly for Osaka, she didn’t want to win that way I’m sure.

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Costing a player an entire game for protesting seems to be a pretty harsh penalty. Williams claims that is never done for the men. I wonder if she is right. What was the most that John McEnroe was ever penalized?

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I agree with the above, but to play the “I have a daughter” card is ridiculous.

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Bunch of crybabies. Life is unfair. Life in inconsistent. Get over it.

Tennis is a rich-person, elitist sport with genteel rules for the lah-di-dah class. The powers that be don’t like a talented, mouthy, black woman opening her mouth. So she gets slapped down.

Serena is too good for the sport. It doesn’t deserve her.

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It makes the sport look bad when umpires behave this way, Serena being the dominant player of the last twenty years should not give her leeway, but she should also not be a target. Let the players play. Osaka played a flawless match and deserve full accolades without distraction.

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The rules are clear & she broke them, she tends to play diva when she’s losing & this isn’t the first time she’s been both caught out & embarrassed herself on court.
I get that she, like any pro sportsperson, has a passion, a drive to win at all costs, without which she couldn’t possibly have won as much as she has in the game, but she genuinely loses control of herself sometimes & that has certainly cost her again here.

Nothing wrong with venting if done properly, can even unlock tension & free you up to perform better, but Serena does it in a negative way to herself & her concentration suffers.
Shame that she played the “mother” card too, c’mon…really?

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There’s no excuse for smashing your racket. The first call may have been bull, but it was a warning. Everything that followed was of her own making. She acted like a child and lost the mental game. In the end she did show some class by acknowledging Osaka.

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There might well be double standards. For years now I’ve had the impression that Serena and her sister are particulary monitored and held to the line when it comes to standards. Both have complained at the levels of testing to which they are subjected, and now this unusual ruling by a chair judge. But on the other hand, there is no excusing Serena’s behavior on this occasion. She took the hit she deserved.

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