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Is a 5 year old cat too old to be declawed ?

Asked by southrnnte (4points) September 12th, 2018

I have a 5 year old female Bengal Cat is she to old to be declawed?
I live in a apartment that cats have to be spayed and declawed
she is already spayed but not declawed and I do not want to get rid of her.

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Is there any other way? Any other option? Why would the apartment care if she is declawed? Is it a furnished apartment?

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It’s possible but the internet seems to suggest an increased rate of complications and pain for older cats.

In the UK declawing is illegal (unless for an actual medical reason). Rented accommodation that lets you have pets just take a larger damage deposit and you know that when you leave your probably going to replace the carpet/ curtains etc that your cat has managed to claw to pieces.

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You may not have thought of cat claw covers. Here is a blog that discusses their ins and outs.
“...I would categorize claw caps as a “last resort,” that you should only really consider if you can’t train your cat in any other way. It’s still much more humane than the other last resort, declawing, which actually amputates up to one third of your cat’s front paws, and is considered by many, including the ASPCA and the Humane Society, to be animal cruelty.”

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I wouldnt at that age especially, it’s cruel and their only defense.

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Please don’t. It’s cruel.

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If you don’t care enough about your cat not to permanently maim it, get rid of it. I’ll take it off your hands.

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@JLeslie I’ve come across many rentals in my search for a new home that require this. It’s disgusting. They won’t be getting an application from us.

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Cats have retractable claws. “Declawing,” is the term used. But the procedure essentially removes the tips of the cat’s toes. Think of getting your fingers cut off right above the first joint of your finger.

As mentioned above, it’s quite cruel.

Adding a couple scratching posts, could help with whatever issues the claws are creating.

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Declawing is inhumane at any age. The procedure is illegal in many countries.

Unless you’re willing to have your own fingers and toes chopped-off at the top knuckle, please don’t even consider declawing as an option. If you’re unable to keep your cat, there are no-kill shelters that will take her.

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It’s more work for you but a lot better for the cat, every couple of weeks take the tips off the claws with nail clippers,doesn’t hurt the cat in the least,might want to ask if that is acceptable for them.

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How would you like to have the last digit of all your finger surgically removed. That’s what they do to cats when they are “declawed”.

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I think they make toenail covers for cats now actually. I’d ask landlord if that would work.

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Cats can be difficult to handle. The claw covers aren’t really effective, and are difficult or impossible to apply to certain cats.
Other ways of reducing destruction of claws , are available.

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@MrGrimm Oh ok. I wont even take my dogs to the groomer or clip my birds wings. They run this house not me lol.
I’d just move if this was my pet tbh.

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Grooming, for the most part, is not analogous to “declawing.”

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I think my cat is declawed but only front paws and I think it had something to do with the fact that she was found in the wild and really sick but I’m not sure (also it wasn’t really a debate at the time, she is 18 years old right now)
I’m actually going to ask my mom if she’s declawed and why, just out of curiosity.

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Why would anyone put a cat through that?

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