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Do you think Area 51 really is a hiding place for aliens and their air craft?

Asked by chyna (42683points) September 18th, 2018 from iPhone

Area 51 has long been rumored to be hiding space aliens and their air craft. It is a top secret facility in the desert around Nevada. What secrets are they hiding?

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Yes and no. Yes, I do believe that there is a place where the US has stored secrets like aliens and their aircraft.

No, I doubt it is at Area 51 – I think that the place, wherever it is, is on some obscure military base somewhere that people have never of and never will. Whatever there is must be explosively important or it would have leaked out already.

The reason I don’t think Area 51 is the place is because it has gotten far too much publicity and attention over the years. It’s useful for the government to have Area 51 for the wackos to talk about as a distraction. The actual hiding place could be almost anywhere. (although probably not Roswell, NM)

I also doubt we will ever know about it unless something seriously bad happens.

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The government definitely doesn’t have one place that stores all their secrets. It’s probably spread out in multiple places. And it’s probably underground.
I doubt area 51 has anything useful.

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I hear Elvis Presley has an apartment there, mind you, the source I heard from is batshit crazy & was definitely drunk also so may be a little unreliable.

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Does the Pope shit in the woods?

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I’ve always been fascinated with the possibility since I grew up near area 51. I lived near the airport in Vegas and saw secret planes that traveled to the area.

I’m kind of with @elbandito. I’ve heard stories of a similar area in Utah.

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Nope. And I have visited and I know who the whole silly thing started. Imagine you only ever knew aluminium foil… and then you felt mylar. That would be pretty freaking, right?

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No. Only because that area has been “exposed” and it doesn’t make sense for the government to keep its secrets there anymore.

( I’m trying my best to think like Mulder )

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^ My ringtone is their theme song.

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No. Too well known.
They have a secret base, hidden in the rings around

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