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If money wasn't an issue, would you quit your job?

Asked by JeSuisRickSpringfield (6398points) September 18th, 2018

And if so, what would you do instead?

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Yes. Retire and veg.

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If I’d had the means, I never would have worked.

I’m not lazy. I’m a very active and motivated person who achieves much in any day. I simply detest having a job – any job. I dread the upcoming week, as if I’m being sentenced to prison, and I barely slog along. Interacting with colleagues exhausts me. I hate answering to bosses.

What was my alternative? A lifetime spent avoiding full-time work. When I was younger, I’d have multiple part-time employment; I could earn a living, but it was infinitely more appealing than Monday – Friday in one place.

I have specialized skills that allow me to be self-employed, work very little, yet earn a decent income. It’s a joy!

What do I do with my time? I’m always busy. My mother’s gravely ill, so I spend about 2 hours per day with her. I belong to a health club and work out 7X per week. I enjoy homemaking, which is demanding if done with dedication. I run all the household errands. For about 8 months each year, I work in my garden. I watch lots of MLB games, mostly on TV and maybe 25 each year at Nationals Park and Camden Yards.

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Actually if I were rich I would start working again. I was meant to be a cashier at a general or convenience store. Like Sponge-Bob was meant to be a fry cook. Just not the night shift anymore.

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I’d train someone else to take it over.

Then I’d work on making games full-time.

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Actually I enjoy working.. whatever job you do it will be the same might enjoy for sometime but it’ll be a routine after some time. IMO this applies to no work situation as well.

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Funny you should ask, we frequently use money as tissues, so much so I noticed a profile of the queen’s head on my arse last time I showered, took some removing too.

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I think about this on occasion when I fantasize of winning the lottery. I know how to have fun and would enjoy the time free of labour. So, yes.

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Absolutely. I might wind up doing some other job very part time, or a volunteer position after a long while. I volunteer now anyway.

I would travel, and see my doctor back in Memphis (I could see my doctor anyway, but it just would be easier and it’s on my mind because I’m having health crap happening right now).

I would have fun with my husband. Explore and travel and help him do whatever he wants to do.

Do something with children I think. Foster or some sort of something.

I think I would live longer than my destiny is right now. I feel my risk has gone up a lot the last 5 years to have a life changing or ending medical event.

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In a heart beat.

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I’d quit for sure and succeed where Elon Musk is failing.

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No. But I might start to only do projects that I am interested in.

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I’d be out of there in a flash!

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No, I don’t think so. What I do for work is one of the things that gives my life meaning these days.

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