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Does faking Fake News turn the supposed Fake News into REAL News?

Asked by LadyMarissa (10144points) September 19th, 2018

Jr attacks Anderson Cooper accusing him of trying to make his dad look bad. Well, it turns out that the picture was taken 10 years ago when Obama was still in office. So, does claiming Fake News when it’s NOT fake news turn it into REAL News???

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Trump and crew aren’t the first to understand that news can be “invented”. When your base consists primarily of that portion of the population unable to discern the inconsistency in trusting the pronouncements from an inveterate pathological
liar on matters of credibility, fake news works just fine. “some of the people all of the time”

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Remember that we never had Fake News until we had Donald Trump. There’s a message in that.

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Fake news has been around since day 1.

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So you’re asking if the fake news of your fake news is true news…
I don’t think so. The fake news of your fake news could still be fake news, only different fake news, different from the fake news you got in the first place.

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Then WHY is it wrong for one source to put out fake news & acceptable for the other source to promote fake news???

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Depends on what perspective. From mine it’s all kinds of wrong.

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I saw that. That was a delicious moment of irony and a poignant illustration of just how confused people are these days.

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@elbanditoroso We’ve always had fake news. I read the National Enquirer when I was a kid. The difference is us. Back then we were smart enough to recognize fake news (entertainment stories) by the age of 10.

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My first thought about that pic was it had to be fakes….you don’t drag electrical wires through the water…do you??

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WHO KNOWS what fake news LURKS in the hearts of men???

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