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What would be an effective and non-violent way of torturing you?

Asked by raum (3419points) September 24th, 2018 from iPhone

Three things that would be your own personal hell.

Just curious.
Not taking notes or anything.~

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- Force fed durian.
– Watching Caillou on repeat.
– Trapped inside a vat of crumbled styrofoam.

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Be the guy next to me at the office.

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Ten CD’s of Celine Dion.
A couple of seconds of Celine Dion.

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Back when I was working for the Boss From Hell, he tried punishing me by giving me every shitty job he could find. He never understood that to really punish me, all he had to do was have me work with my friend (an ex-girlfriend). It would have been a strain on my marriage.

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My ex wife calling and texting me repeatedly . (Oh, wait, she already does that.)

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Lock my mother-in-law and me in the same room, then give MIL this instruction: “Tell some really long stories, answer every yes-or-no question with a monologue, then be sure to criticize and lecture her about her appearance.”

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Make me listen to rap music. What would be yours @raum? Not that I’m taking notes. ~

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Snakes on a plane
Trump on a continuous video (or audio loop)
Making me eat fried eggs

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Watching reality TV
Listening to pop music
Being stuck in conversations about nothing

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Feeding me nothing but liver, celery, and raisins.

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Providing computer support to people who don’t understand computers
Watching golf on TV

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Give me a chocolate truffle…
just one.

Loop recording of dental drills

Tell me I will live to be one hundred, but never get better than I am right now.

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Having the only thing on TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or other similar TV watching formats be Football.

Having everyone around me smoke.

Having Donald Trump change the Constitution so that he would be President until he died, and only his hand picked successors could replace him, and then their handpicked successors, and so on and so forth.

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Making me listen to republicans

Making me listen to rap music

Taking away books.

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Open the microwave door before turning it off. Hide the toilet paper. Play polka music.

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Having to move back to rural Illinois.

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A single strand of hair on my eye, cheek or nose.
Being shut in a room without windows.
Being forced to listen to music, any music, played much too loudly.

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Also the sickest thing you can do to me is to make me watch the nature of things 30 years ago when David Suzuki only did documentaries on birds and stupid animals.

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Make me live in a nursing home.
Take away my husband.
Eradicate music.

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Having my ex-wife move in next door,

Having someone put a bunch of mosquitoes in my bedroom

Having Hillary as president.

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A buzzing mosquitoe at night that I can’t find Is hell too.

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