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Bill Cosby to serve less than 3 years for rape. A fair sentence or not?

Asked by chyna (42682points) September 24th, 2018 from iPhone

Do you think the sentence is fair? Or should he have gotten home confinement or more time?

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It’s probably a life sentence for him.

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I don’t remember how old he is, but the life expectancy for a male is 76.6 years.

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Wow only 3 years?

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He’s 81. I thought he was closer to 90.

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3 years will be a life sentence.

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Only because of his age and his public personality can I live with the 3 years. 3 years is nothing for the crimes he committed. But, the whole world now knows he was a vicious, violent, rapist, and he knows the whole world knows. He is in prison whether he’s in a physical prison or not.

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If he were younger and not famous he would have been sentenced to a much longer period.

Sadly this will cost us (the American public) a fortune to keep him in prison. Maybe they can take the increased costs out of his estate.

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Only fair if he dies in prison.

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The sentence was just announced as 3–10 years. Probably fitting for what he was convicted of. Keep in mind he wasn’t convicted of everything.

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I just heard on ABC news, that Cosby was excoriated by the judge, and sentenced to 3–10 years.

He should get life, and hopefully that will be the effect of his sentence.

Silver lining on the ABC news break: it severely truncated a video of Trump’s jingoist blathering at the UN.

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It probably will be a death sentence.

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Is this the only case on which he is being prosecuted? And I wonder just how many civil suits are in front of him.

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Could having Trump as a cellmate be considered extra punishment for Cosby?

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I wonder as in the news it stated that because of his age that he may be able to live at his home but be monitored and agree to therapy for years?
Apparently he was not remorseful for anything that he did.I suppose that he will dispute any wrongdoing .( perhaps he himself was Drugged and drunk at times so his memory would be impaired?
If he goes to prison it would be a good message to all rapists etc that they will get their due in time.

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I guess Trump will pardon him, since he’s already nominated him for the Supreme Court.

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