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What is your favorite word? and why is it your favorite word?

Asked by sarapnsc (1439points) August 20th, 2008

My favorite word is why? I like it because it never ends!

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love…all you need is love

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At the moment ( it varies a lot), it is frizzer. Noun A Fluther question so poor written as to be virtually impenetrable as to meaning.

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At the moment it’s ‘epic’.

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Flutherian: Adj Pertaining to/orginating from Fluther.

Ex: Marina’s use of frizzer is flutherian in nature.

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My fav. word is dream, because it contains everything I love

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It is a four way tie for me between: jape, slake, svelte, and defenestrate. I love them because every time I am able to work any one of the four into a conversation people think to themselves, “Wow look at the big brain on Mouse!”

That is what I chose to believe they are thinking, in reality it might be closer to “what is she trying to prove using those three dollar words?”

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I guess I would have to say peat, and repeat.

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Apt. Because it is just so consistently… Apt! :D

Very underused word.

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The word that is my favorite, is: scrumpulate: its a word i invented to deal with the act of twirling an idea or thought in your head to the point that you nearly make love with it. Its the total dwelling and thinking upon and idea until the truth of that idea becomes clear to your self. If any one would like to take the word and use it, it will greatly increase its chances of becoming real. after all Shakespeare added 75 thousand words to the english langueage. at least I can add one

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From one of my favourite movies.

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@supermouse Defenestrate is on my all-time list too.

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+1 for defenestrate, awesome and sounds painful!

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-1 for “awesome.” I would have to say “Definitely.” At present, I have nine misspelled versions from Fluther alone. Or at least I think I do. As I look at the list, my eyes cross. Samples on demand.

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I am fond of “sussurrus.”...perfect example of onopatopoaeia. I use it to call Milo inside.

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my favorite word is shank. feels good when you say it, and has three very distinct meanings which are each appropriate to the sound of the word: a cut of meat, an errant golf shot, or an ersatz prison knife. shank…gets me wondering what other fun words have multiple meanings that work so well with the sound.

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At this moment the word “nincompoop” is my favorite. And, yes, it most certainly has to do with my boss.

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“exude” and I don’t know why.

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Fubar. it sounds so friendly.

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@Pinky, I gotta ask, you know what Fubar is an acronym for right?

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Similar to SNAFU – a WWII military expression, I think.

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@Gail, that’s what I understand it to mean – I’m pretty sure I heard it in the movie Saving Private Ryan.

F ‘ed

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Right. Situation Normal, All F*cked Up.

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Yes. Fully aware of definition. It still sounds friendly. :)

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Supercilious, because it sounds exactly like it’s definition. bonus: also fun to say

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You Betcha. Because I say it fairly often, I tend to be an optimist, and it makes people laugh if they are not from here.

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Vasectomy. Yes, I think that’s my favorite word these days. It’s a carefree word.

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Butterfly. But it’s equally good in it’s german, french, and italian forms: schmetterling, papillion, and farfalla. Isn’t it pretty in each language? I wonder if it has double letters in any other languages?

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@Breed: I wish I had time. This kind of research is more fun than what I am about to do. Drive, drive, and drive – and then test my mother on whether 1) she can take a shower unaided, 2) do her laundry ditto and 3) wak to lunch w/o wheel chair.
_@Harold: its—

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Probably. I like saying it and it’s a great disclaimer.

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Hippopotamonstrosesquipedalliophobia. The spelling is probably wrong, sorry :S.
It is long and I loved it the first time I heard it.
I also like sapphire because I won a spelling bee with it (I am apparently a good speller——but that is it).

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Don’t know why.

But it makes my mouth water, so maybe that’s why.

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I like the word SUPERFLUOUS – perhaps because so many things are, and reconizing this gets at what’s important, like caring, sharing, and chocolate.

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