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What's your oddest, most unusual reason for having ended a friendship?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (11843points) October 15th, 2018

As asked.

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I wouldn’t lie for my cheating best friend prior to her marriage to another best friend.

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My friend and his wife decided to start breeding Kuvasz, large (120 lb) Hungarian guard dogs. I couldn’t go over there when they had two full grown males and two grown females plus about ten puppies.

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@Dutchess_III No room to sit, large dogs intruding everywhere, barking constantly, long white hair on everything. And, they cared more about the dogs than anything else.

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Oh. Stinky, too.

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I’ve never officially ended a friendship. My friends and I just seem to drift apart.
I did reconnect with a gal who was a good friend all during middle school, high school, and into our adult lives. After I moved in 1995, we hadn’t really interacted in about 10 years, but we hooked up on FB. About a month later she got an inkling that I was no longer a believer. She said something like, “Has the dark side stolen your soul, Val?” and boom. Unfriended me. Guess she didn’t care enough to try and save me!
But I’m still friends with her oldest daughter.

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My best friend of many years got weird.

She’d been close enough to be a guest at our table for many Thanksgivings and Christmases. I baked her birthday cakes. She set up investment funds for our kids when they were born.

She invited us to dinner once when my older son was five and the younger was a baby. It was a pleasant enough evening, even though she’d cooked for about two people, not three adults and two children, and didn’t offer dessert, even for the kids. My older son was polite and gracious and didn’t say or do anything wrong despite disappointment in the matter of dessert. We left hungry, but nonetheless thanked her warmly.

A few days later I received a handwritten note from her that said that if my son expected to be invited back, he ought to have thanked the hostess and complimented her on the meal. I replied and said “He’s five!” and that my husband and I had thanked her on behalf of all of us.

That was the first of several instances in which she spoke or acted strangely enough that I felt I just didn’t know her any more. Out of discomfort, I distanced myself, and after that our friendship simply lapsed.

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@Jeruba What a weirdo….good call. You don’t take any adult emotions out on children, that was so rude!

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My GF dumped me because I upset her in a dream.

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I was very close friends with a couple for many years until the woman decided that my 5 year old was giving her strep, repeatedly. She kept insisting that I put the child on a continuing prophylactic dose of strong antibiotics so she (the woman) wouldn’t get sick anymore. After a few visits to a doctor (who told her more than once that my child wasn’t a carrier and that it would be grossly irresponsible to do that) she tried insisting that I get the antibiotics “for me” and give them to my child.
I refused outright and left the friendship. I recognized that there might be some mental health issues going on, but I could no longer trust her around my child.

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My youth, late teens, I had a friend who was always with me. We were the same size and shape. We could exchange clothes. She was blonde, I was brunette.
She took on this habit of hound dogging men. If I showed any interest in a guy, she would sleep with him before I had chance to even know if I liked him. She didn’t stick with anybody, she just made rounds.

One night there was this party, and I hung around the whole time with a total zero.
This was one of those cloudy parties. After a couple of hours I pretended to pass out. Sure enough, through cracked eyelids I saw her whispering with him, then hand in hand, they went to the bedroom. I waited a couple of minutes after I heard the door close, and I left.
I held my finger to pursed lips, so nobody would shout a hearty goodbye.
A couple of people nodded like they totally got it.
I was her ride there. She would be walking herself home.
The next day she was hopping mad, and blamed me for her totally disappointing experience. I asked her why she blamed me, and a lot of stuttering and blubbering preceeded her apology.
She promised to never again do that.
The promise lasted a couple of weeks. I ditched her, and the last guy she blitzed.

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@Patty_Melt I had a besty like that after hs. After behaving much like your friend, I got a solid boyfriend and ditched her. She constantly harassed me about why I wouldn’t hang out or was I ashamed of my friends, and I said “You know, you should be happy for me, that’s what friends do.” Eventually she backed off and I had a great time not worrying about her men, her drugs, her moods, etc…

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@Jeruba Out of curiosity…did she by chance get a new S/O in her life around that time?

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I lost touch with my old Navy roommate when I got out of the Navy and he got relocated to Antarctica.

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Because we disagreed on where we should go for our hangout.

Yeah, it’s the most absurd thing to part ways for, but it’s because it’s absurd that I ended the relationship.

So basically she wanted to go to that exotic amusement park. I thought it could be good fun so I took her there (she didn’t have any vehicle). Turned out that park was located at an isolated flock of land that took hours to get, and she was planning to spend literally a freaking day there! I had been riding for 3 hours under the hot sun and I hadn’t gone half the way yet, and I didn’t have enough energy to spend a day in an amusement park. Beside, I was also under the curfew of my parents, something that I had explicitly told her since we first met. In the end I was forced to turn back. I was completely taken aback by her reaction. She turned from a sweet girl into a furious bitch constantly whining about why we couldn’t go there. She went on and on for the rest of my stay about this.

That incident shattered a lot of my illusion. I always thought she was a kind and supportive friend who had nothing against me. And now she was harassing me because of an absurd disagreement. I decided she wasn’t worth my time anymore and let our friendship fade away.

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A friend I hung out with in high school found out that I had returned to town after I had been gone about 1 year. He had been drinking and called when I was at work. My business answering machine took the call and he tied it up for 45 minutes, just rattling on about how glad he was I was back, with every other word being the F bomb. I had to run the whole message out so that it could be deleted. When he and I did connect, I let him know how upset I was and that I hadn’t contacted him because my life had gone in a different direction than the party party party one was that he was living.

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I dated a guy in high school for over a year. Toward the end of our Junior year there was a party out at a local lake. I assumed we’d go, but he said he didn’t want to, which I thought was odd.
So, I was standing there, talking to our mutual friends when Carlos stepped up and just planted one on my lips. I was so startled I almost fell over! I certainly didn’t respond.
The next morning, early (like noon,) I got a call from my boyfriend breaking up with me because I had kissed Carlos. He wouldn’t listen to me when I said I hadn’t,Carlos kissed ME.
Almost immediately he was hanging out with all these other women. One, Janie, who I didn’t even know, really, because she was a year younger than me, andI reconnected on FB just a few years back. When I saw her name it was like an arrow just went through my heart all over again, WHICH WAS STUPID!
Anywya, it wrecked my entire Sr. Year.

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