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What foreign TV do you enjoy?

Asked by Call_Me_Jay (10075points) 3 months ago

As a US viewer, I have become a Doctor Who fan in recent years. I was also hooked on the Victoria series with Jenna Coleman.

The internet has made it possible to expand far, far beyond local offerings. I am enjoying this.

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@Call_Me_Jay Look at acorn tv we subscribe to it for only $5 a month we love it has all sorts of over seas programs, and what’s nice is a cop show they do you could actually see that person a cop, not some silly super model playing the part.
Mysteries are top notch, just google acorn tv and tell me what ya think.
Here is a link to it…

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I think my list of UK TV I like is probably longer than the list of US TV I like.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Fawlty Towers
The Avengers (1961–1969)
old Doctor Who (esp. the Tom Baker run)
Jeeves and Wooster
Yes, Minister
Yes, Prime Minister
Prime Suspect
Keeping Up Appearances
The Great British Bake Off
The Living Planet
Blue Planet
Foyle’s War
Mr. Selfridge
Happy Valley
Black Books
Pride & Prejudice (BBC, 1995)
The Crown
The Last Kingdom
Black Mirror
The IT Crowd
The Mighty Boosh


The Kingdom (1994–1997, Danish/Swedish)

The Expanse
Da Vinci’s Inquest

Inspector Montalbano

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@Zaku and @Call_Me_Jay check out the Brokenwood mysteries they are based out of New Zealand and it’s a great show.

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None any more. Commercial TV is almost entirely crap. Foreign or domestic.

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The only foreign TV I see on a semi-regular basis is the BBC. I usually enjoy the humorous shows they offer but the drama series are also interesting. Hardest thing is trying to explain British humor to my wife, who tries, but just doesn’t find it amusing generally.

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The Living Planet, Blue Planet

Oh yeah, David Attenborough. All his nature shows were astounding. The cinematographers were wizards.

I’ve looked at Acorn TV and Britbox but I don’t watch enough to spend the money. I get al lot of content with Amazon Prime, plus I rent occasionally there and from Google Play, iTunes, and Microsoft.

I signed up for Philo streaming to see the new Who. But after the 7 day trial and $8 first month I plan to drop it and buy the Doctor season for $28.

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My husband and I used to very much enjoy watching Coupling and Top Gear. He still watches Top Gear, I haven’t in a while. Once in a while my husband gets into a Novela on a Spanish station. None right now.

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Does he like anime too? Well, good for him! There are anime genres for EVERYBODY!!

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Haha, all these yanks & germans know that british tv is & always has been the best.
As for myself, Bates Motel & 11–22-63 were class.

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