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How prevalent is smoking left over cigarette butts?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13486points) 3 months ago

Where someone goes to a hospital or resteraunt cigarette containers and smokes the leftover butts? I have seen it done. Is it common?

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For what definition of “common”?

I’ve seen it done too.

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@Zaku Every day. Every week, every month?

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That’s gross to say the least. I’m not sure how “common” it is.

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I see homeless people do it occasionally, but not often.

Most cigarettes burn down to the filter, not enough to salvage. Or they are squished beyon redemption.

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Hospitals are the best place. Somebody on the brink of death, worried family goes out for a smoke, two puffs and anxiety sends them back inside.
Yeah, it happens more than most people think. The takers don’t dive on them with people looking.
I saw my mom pick one up once, when she realized she was out. I was like WTF you have a job!
Occasionally I have seen someone hanging around looking like they couldn’t wait for me to go inside. I took a couple of puffs, and left it with the butt not touching anything. Then in a few minutes I’d go have a full cig.
Sometimes I just like to feel like somebody’s winning lottery ticket.

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I’ve only seen that at bars and hospital ER’s. It’s gross and I’m not commonly at either place, but I would think with the germ factor, surely it’s not common. #gross

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