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How many assassination attempts has president Trump survived?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (14550points) October 16th, 2018

Just wondering. I missed a recent online news article on it.

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Is this the only one?

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1 too many…

In all seriousness, this is a joke and not intended as a threat on anyone’s life.

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@gorillapaws Just wondering what news is kept secret from us? Also I missed an online news story for an attempt this week.

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If he hadn’t survived, we would know about it.

I certainly am against assassination or violence against Trump -

Having said that, it may be time for some serious prayer.

Remember in the movie Fiddler on the ROof, Tevye utters the prayer “May God Bless and Keep the Czar – Far Away From Here!!”. Something like that might be in order.

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There haven’t been any plausible “almost” attempts. Threats, yes, but nowhere as many as Obama got.

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You know the reason he never buttons his jacket is because he’s packing, right?

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@elbanditoroso, I agree. Beyond any normal condemnation of violence, assassination of this president would bring an utter, inconceivable nightmare.

Wasn’t it the rabbi, when asked if there’s a proper blessing for the czar?

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I think the secret service would keep any attempts from the public, if possible.
An “attempt” would mean that the intended assassin/s, had been successful in some ways , like getting past checkpoints, or having found some weaknesses in the POTUS’s security detail. That information could help a future assassin.

I would say that I don’t think he’s had any serious attempts. Trump is constantly crying about how much of a victim he is. A survived assassination attempt would be something that he would talk about forever. He also may take some form of credit for his survival, as he often likes to take credit for things he has no part of… Nope. We’d have heard Trump crowing on twitter about how he’s Mr. stable, genius, ninja, and a victim at the same time…

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I’m not sure Trump is worthy of a serious assassination attempt. Tripping over his shoelaces while descending from Air Force One would work for me.

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One, but two if you count your link @RedDeerGuy1, recently an envelope with Ricin was sent to two people at the Pentagon (including Gen Mattis), Ted Cruz, and President Trump but was intercepted by Secret Service before it could reach him. (And now reportedly also to the Republican senator, Susan Collins)

Despite your political views, no one should be in support of the assassination of anyone, You don’t have to cry over it but don’t support it.

Susan Collins
Ricin sent to Trump
More about it
In case you don’t know what Ricin is
Man arrested as suspect

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Not that it will amount to anything, but rest assured that you used three words that will cause somebody at the NSA to check out your post. Maybe you.

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Not as many as Hitler survived. In the end, he grew so tired of that level of incompetence, that he did it himself.

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Oh no. Now we not only have CIA redacting, the NSA will be breathing down our necks too.

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