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Why does my chicken smell like a wet dog?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38818points) 3 months ago

I’m cooking up some rice and chicken for Dakota. I bought a big bag of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I chopped two of them up and set them to frying in a bit of olive oil before I add the rice.
....The cooking chicken stinks to me. It literally smells like a wet dog. If it was for me, I don’t think I could eat it.
The breasts were on sale, usually $11.00 discounted to $5.00. I never buy them unless they’re discounted, and I’ve never had any problem before.
Is it because I quit smoking? Other things that I actually love smell and taste weird to me now, like green bean casserole.

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Maybe the chicken was friends with a Labrador Retriever. Wet dog smell can be hard to get out.

Or maybe a dog got the chicken meat, and they just put in back on the shelf and marked it down…

Or maybe it’s dog meat…


Or, seriously, maybe it’s off. I tend to be worried about food that smells weird. As a non-smoker, I don’t remember ever smelling chicken that smelled like dog.

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It’s weird.

If you’ve always been a non smoker then nothing smells and tastes different to you. Almost every thing now smells and tastes different to me since I quit in March, so it’s weird. My husband was on the phone so I wasn’t able to ask his opinion. Hope the dog doesn’t get sick!

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I think dogs tend to both have an extremely good nose for what’s edible, and also a much greater capacity to eat things without getting sick.

I remember seeing things like:

“Meat in the gutter! Yum! Slurp!”
“Cat poop! A special treat! Gulp!”
“A dead seal on the beach! My new cologne and body-rub! (writhes all over corpse – didn’t eat it though)”

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Dutch. STOP bashing green bean casserole!

I’m glad you stopped smoking. I think it’s very possible that you are smelling things differently. Especially if you smoked for so long. I wager you’ll get used to it. I know lots of ex-smokers who hate the smell of cigarettes now.

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Chicken can be like that. I find chicken gets that smell when it’s microwaved. Sometimes lesser-quality chicken has some “wet dog” taste built in. It’s gross. The inconsistency of chicken is part of the reason why I don’t like it as much as I used to.

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Oh, @Demosthenes ’ answer has me thinking maybe it’s the new “evil industrial chicken” that I avoid like the plague, and so haven’t experienced. For some years now, a lot of the cheap non-free-range chicken has been weird and bloated and not very like real chicken.

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Left-over rotisserie chicken reheated in a microwave would smell like wet dog. Seems that’s just the way it is. If there’s time I reheat it by frying or broiling.

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Maybe your wet dog smells just like chicken?

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I LOVE green bean casserole @MrGrimm888! That’s why I keep bringing it up. I just can’t bring myself to hate it just because it tastes funny now.

Dog had bowl full last night. She seems no worse for the wear…except she still has the runs. It should start getting better tomorrow. I hope. God this is nasty.

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Have you tried a squash casserole? They’re awesome. I recommend combining yellow , and zucchini squash, instead of green beans. It’s fucking great !

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I don’t think I would like it! But send me some next time you make it.

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