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What have you done lately to push your limits?

Asked by Jeruba (55574points) October 19th, 2018

Physically, intellectually, socially, whatever…how have you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone in, say, the past six months or so?

If you haven’t done anything to stretch yourself, what are you thinking about doing?

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Last week I substitute taught in a class room of 18 three year olds, two of which had behavior problems, one severely.
The next morning I felt like I’d been hit by a train and my head just pounded.
On the good side though, all of the schools I’ve been teaching in over the last two weeks have stairs that I have to climb up and down 3 or 4 times a day. My legs are lookin’ good!

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I have set myself a target of cycling to Loch Lomond and back at least once after every birthday. It is around 30 miles in all on fairly flat ground.

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Walked to the rim of the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon.

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Played until 10 in the morning. Hardcore, man.

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I pulled my hair up in to a top knot today, secured it with a rubber band, and WHACKED it off just below the rubber band. Then I made Rick come in and tidy it up. I am very happy so far.

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I got my mammogram after five years. It was clear but I cant wait ever again. It just scares me and is a bit humiliating. Pretty proud I pushed thru the fear.

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I ordered lamps from Wayfair and stuff from Bed Bath and Beyond. Had fun going over all the sales and categories. I’ve tried to only eat in mostly. I will see how much I saved at the end of the month.

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@Dutchess_III I’m confused that you mention your home haircut, yet you say nothing about having quit smoking 6 months ago. Priorities, girly-girl! You should be so proud of yourself for pushing past a nicotine habit. I think you’re remarkable.

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I wanted to amp-up my strength/resistance workouts. Six months ago, I discovered Les Mills Bodypump. I was instantly hooked and, since then, have been going 3X per week. The changes to my body are amazing. Inner-thigh definition! A fully-toned upper body! Buns of steel!!!

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A little thing – I cut some glass sheets for window repairs.

Before today, the “one chance to get it right” factor held me back. If the correct size wasn’t available stock, I would pay the hardware store to custom cut for me.

Now I’m a seasoned veteran. With my $3 glass cutter and a straight edge I can cut my own glass.

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I’ve been doing some volunteer work in a quasi-retail setting. I’ve done plenty of volunteer work before, but I’ve never worked in retail. It’s really a stretch: patiently helping people find things that are right in front of them, not arguing with customers about anything at all, making change, reconciling receipts with revenue, and gently refusing requests that are against policy.

It’s always good to learn new stuff, and I am doing that.

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I fired my personal trainer choosing instead to tie my own shoelaces & climb stairs without the need for a piggy back ride, it’s tough but I shall manage.

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Started weights and resistance bands exercises some five weeks ago, as well as cutting all added sugar foods out of my diet (and eat more veg and fruit).
Lost 5 lbs, gained muscle, and feel alive!

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I have actually given up my desk job and am now in a job that has me tramping around in the woods and fields with periodic trips on boats. I don’t know if this is pushing me out of my comfort zone or into it. But I’m a happier person for it.

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@seawulf I’m so jealous, sounds amazing.

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not so fast, he is an international fugitive

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@Love_my_doggie Thanks for the kudos! It’s to the point now I almost never think about having a smoke. That’s why it didn’t really come to mind.
Good on you for working out. I am a fat, lazy slob who cuts her own hair and cooks rotten chicken for her dog.

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Physically and mentally, moving to a city out of state where we know no one. Spending two days over the weekend driving 10 hrs. each day and moving furniture and boxes 5–6 hours each day as well. My husband and I did it all on our own. My husband ended up in the ER at the end of it all due to a separated muscle in his rib cage and has missed 4 days at his new job. We are suffering from head colds as well.

It’ll get better, right?

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Of course it will get better!

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@notsoblond It’ll get better. Enjoy the Wisconsin beer cheese soup. Cheer for the Packers. Take up deer hunting. Adopt an accent like Marge in the movie Fargo.

Don’t rack up DUIs like the locals.

I have some strong Wisconsin heritage, I can make fun.

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I’ll cheer for the Badgers, but the Packers? You’re talking to a Broncos fan here. :D

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