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What is something that every person should know how to do?

Asked by josie (30931points) October 26th, 2018

My (late) mother said that all people should know how to cook, and how to swim.
My (late) father, my hero, and I am pretty sure may have been the inspiration for Rambo, said that all people should understand the method of logic, and,if things got real bad, how to kill with their bare hands [you would have had to have known my dad].
I have tried to live up to their expectations.
What do you think?

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I totally agree with your mom, and to some extent your dad. I don’t agree with knowing how to kill, but definitely know how to start a fire and survive outside.

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How to think critically and make up one’s own mind.

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To not leave finger prints on your pipe bombs.

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Seems like you are mentioning sort of esoteric skills, and I was looking for something more universal.
But to be fair I didn’t make that explicitly clear.
So I gave you an opportunity to apply your shtick.
In the US we would call that being a “one trick pony”

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Enjoy life
Be loved

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Not to live paycheck by paycheck.

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How to budget your money.

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How to manage money (How to save money and how to invest in the stock market).

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To do laundry correctly
To clean a bathroom and kitchen thoroughly, for safe and sanitary living
To apologize, sincerely, for unfortunate behavior and hurt feelings
To put aside money and always have a financial cushion

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How to cook is very important. What to cook is probably more so. How to budget your money should be mandatory. How to properly clean a bathroom should be known as well. How to reason things out is important. I have several skills that could be very important if we ended up in a long term power outage…filtering water, making fire, cooking over open fires, trapping or hunting small game…but these are not necessarily skills I think everyone needs to know. They are more hobbies for me. Unless we lose our power grid for an extended period.

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The Orangutan’s response was complaining about the media’s reporting on the “bomb” thing (yes, he put “bomb” in quotes) was influencing the elections, and blaming the media for the bombing attempts, when it was his demagogery that directly radicalised the nutter.

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Practical application of acquired knowledge.

How to prepare for future events. Everything has become so instant. “Show your work” is at an all time low. Instant food, instant answers, overnight express, communication always at our fingertips.
People no longer have to wait for the right season to enjoy certain foods. Wonderful advancements, but we are raising children who have no idea how to take control of future events by planning in the now.

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How to be an compassionate human being and not some self serving a hole. It is what is suppose to be what separates us from animals and yet, I’ve met more compassionate animals.

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To improve oneself plus contribute to the World.
To survive in a rough World.
To keep learning new things.
To leave a legacy of good deeds/works for the next generation.
To be a good example.
To become more responsible.
To leave this world a better place.
To save and budget for a rainy day.
To do something nice without expecting anything in return.
To make goals for each year .
To give to charities that need it.
To write a daily journal in order to evaluate your progress in life lessons.
To Love yourself enough to accept that you are trying to do your best in every situation and it you fail it was not because you did not try.
To grow your own food.
To maintain a healthy lifestyle.
To be happy with each new day that we live and breathe.

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All of the above, and how to change a flat tire.

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I agree with everyone.

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To cook something more than just macaroni and cheese from a box. You don’t know how many people I met in college for whom that was the only thing they knew how to make.

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To use the bathroom. To say yes or no. To read and speak at least one language.

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@Demosthenes it was always Ramen Noodles where I come from.

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How to learn on their own would be a start.
Next would be how to maintain a healthy weight.

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