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What would have been so fabulous about President Hillary Clinton?

Asked by josie (30931points) November 5th, 2018

I understand that people are not crazy about president Trump.
He’s not really a likeable guy.
But I feel like his obnoxiousness is really not why his political opponents dislike him.
It’s because Hillary Clinton lost the election.

So, what did we miss by not having Hillary Clinton as president.

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Well I doubt she would have alienated all your countries allies leaders.<that would be a good thing.

I really doubt she would have given a 1.5 trillion dollar tax cut to your countries top 10% .<that would be good.

I can pretty much rest assured she sure as hell wouldn’t have started a trade war (Tariffs) with your countries trading partners.

She would have made sure universal health care was in your country for everybody, and not try and gut or remove it at every turn.
She sure as hell wouldn’t be Putin’s puppet like the one you have now.

And one last good thing she would only lie half as much as the Don Father, so you could believe at least half of what she says rather than nothing like the The Don Father.

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I strongly disagree with the premise. Clinton’s defeat is a joke compared to the catastrophe of Trump’s election. My reaction to Trump has nothing to do with Hillary worship. After all, when she lost out to Obama, there were no accusations that a moronic buffoon would be installed in her stead. This question is flawed in that it assumes that the problem with Trump is that he is obnoxious. The defects are much more pronounced, and his exterior disposition is merely one of the symptoms resulting from his profoundly disturbing “condition”.

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I don’t like Hillary. She only seems good in comparison with Trump who is the worst president in the country’s history.

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Husband Bill was great but she is smarter, so would have been better than Bill. Also, with a ex-president in the white house with her, there would have been the benefit of having 2 presidents, one with 8 years experience, in the White house.

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I agree with Stanley. I really have never met one person who dislikes Trump because of Hillary. His demeanor is intolerable. But it’s his agenda, and policies that I oppose.

I think Hillary would have been a sort of continuation of what Obama started. She probably wouldn’t have done anything amazing, but wouldn’t have torn the country apart either. Trump has set the bar SO low for a POTUS, that really any other person would be a exponential upgrade.

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I like to think she would have taken some measures to improve the ACA and also lower healthcare costs.

I would be less worried about the environment than I am under Trump.

The country would still be very divided, but maybe not quite so hostile among people and family members who usually get along.

The deficit would be very on her radar (I assume this because her husband was very focused on it when in office).

When she talked about an issue we would get more in depth information about the background on it, and the complexity of it. I think she would be more interesting.

Women’s rights would be less of a worry. Ironically, it looks like a lot of women have a good chance of getting into office this voting cycle as a reaction to Trump being president, so women will have probably more force in numbers than if Clinton had one (especially on the local level) but they just don’t have the top spot right now.

I don’t think people dislike Trump because Hillary lost. I disliked Bush, but not because Gore lost. When Gore and Hillary lost I just again was reminded that I want a direct vote, and that voting practices are imperfect even in America.

I dislike Trump, not because Hillary lost, but because I’ve always been worried about the things he says that charges up the mean people in our country, and that he might seriously offend another leader who maybe doesn’t like the US too much to begin with.

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More pantsuits, more abortion clinics, more swampy backdoor deals, more dead bodies piling up in her basement.

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^^What the heck is wrong with a pant suit? I don’t get it? Or, do you mean having to hear more comments about her pant suits?

Ivanka wore a pant suit to the innauguration. My guess is she wears pants a lot. Melania has been seen in trousers as well, although she typically is in a dress for most visible events.

Slacks are typically much more practical and comfortable than a skirt. I just don’t get the comments about her suits.

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We’ll never know. She wasn’t elected and she has been vilified for so many years, it’s hard to even begin to know what might have happened.

I would guess two things, however:

- her administration would have more people of competence and intelligence
– her decisions would be science based, not religious based
– my guess is that there would be fewer scandals

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She would have picked a competent staff from the beginning and not have fired so many staffers because of incompetence within the first 6 months.
She would not be besties with Putin and Jung Un.
I seriously doubt Kanye West would be her voice of reason and ranting for 10 minutes in a news conference. It goes on and on.

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My dislike of trump has absolutely NOTHING to do with Hillary losing!!! I’ve disliked trump for over 40 years & Hillary wasn’t even running way back then!!! I thought that Hillary would be a lousy President; but in hind sight, I feel she would have done MUCH BETTER than what we have!!! YES, she’s a liar; however, she’s a dependable liar who would be MORE concerned with what the country needs than what she wants!!! We were a strong global leader until it was decided that we should be made great again!!! I NEVER felt that we were not great!!! We would still be a contributing partner of the UN & NONE of our allies would be PO’d with us!!! Most of all, I wouldn’t be contributing to political discussions because I would have nothing to feel threatened by!!!

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Nothing would have been fabulous about Hillary as president. I don’t think she was in it for anything other than her ego. Things would have been status quo.

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Status quo Obama would be far preferable than status quo Trump, @ARE_you_kidding_me

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I don’t disagree.

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@JLeslie I think the pant suit “scandals” amount to dog whistle speculation on Hillary’s “mannish” ambitions.

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@stanleybmanly What’s mannish? That she wants to be president?

I don’t mind a comment about a gorgeous dress or terrible outfit, I do it myself, but the obsession with “the pant suit” completely bewilders me. She isn’t trying to be a fashion icon, she looks professional and neat, it’s just neither here nor there to me.

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Sorry for the vulgarity but the first vagina in the Oval Office. Was high time for that but Americans lost sight of how amazing that would have been.

If she was a moderate Republican I’d be happy to also see her President. I just couldn’t help thinking about all those women who fought for the right to vote here decades ago.

Only for majority of white women today picking a pussy grabber instead.

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@mazingerz88 – I have to bring up Monica Lewinsky. She wasn’t president, however.

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@JLeslie It’s her signature look, she admits that…she wants to be on equal footing with the men and have them focus on her words, not her looks. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just unusual. There is speculation her wardrobe also provides coverage for medical issues, see article below.

Here’s an article:

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Just a few thoughts off the top of my head.
Economic growth less than 2% and declining.
Wage growth at less than zero.
Manufacturing jobs migrating out of the country
ISIS continuing to rampage throughout the Middle East.
N.Korea still firing missiles over Japan.
Taxes increasing rather than declining.
All these things have greatly improved under Trump. I know no one wants to hear this but Trumps policies have made a dramatic improvement in most of our lives. You can see that in the consumer confidence ratings and the numbers. Hillery has always been about improving her lot in life and nobody else. She’s lazy and incompetent. Good riddance.

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My BFF is a rabid Rep/con. When Obama was in office & unemployment was going down, it was because nobody was looking for a job & had fallen off the grid. Now that unemployment is down & trump is in office, it’s ALL because he’s improving the economy. Using her Obama logic, unemployment is going down because NOBODY wants a job & they’re NO longer on the charts to even be looking for a job!!! The truth is IF you REMOVE the party designation from their title, most people wouldn’t vote for ANY of them. ALL politicians are egomaniacs!!!

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Amused by “pant suit” sounds like something a dog would wear to the gym.

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No matter what she does,somebody is going to criticize. She doesn’t allow it to bother her; so, I have BETTER things with which to be concerned!!!

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@LadyMarissa – Look at the Job Participation rate. Youll see that it was declining under Obama which is why it was people leaving the workforce. Under Trump, job participation is holding steady so the decline is real. Big difference.

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Under Hillary, we wouldn’t have the dismantling of the EPA, the removal of regulations on banks, the embrace of our enemies (Russia, North Korea), having Nazi’s proudly marching, the belittling of our allies, the catastrophic reorganization of our schools, the withdrawal from the Iran deal, and so much else.
Trump’s assault on our constitution, our sensibilities, and our understanding of what this country aspires to be is not just wrong, it’s anti-American.

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@mazingerz88 “If she was a moderate Republican I’d be happy to also see her President.”

She basically WAS a moderate Republican: pro-fracking, pro-wall street, pro TPP, anti-union, war hawk. When Dems run to the right, it turns out that voters would rather elect a genuine Republican instead of a fake one.

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Are we seriously debating a woman’s clothing?

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@elbanditoroso No we are not. I didn’t realize people were so sensitive today.

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@Jaxk You are probably one of the only conservatives I respect on this site, you don’t chuck insults, and cry hate every time a democrat disagrees with you.

Did you bother to check Obamas charts on the economy the last 2 years he was in office,they were going up,up, and up.
Trump takes over and takes full credit.
When Obama took over the economy was tanking the housing bubble had burst, the auto sector was just about to go tits up, and let’s not forget the unregulated banks needed bailing out, gee and from 8 years of republican rule, oh yeah and a massive deficit from 2 wars, started by republicans.
Trumps tariffs have already caused job losses in your country, a huge nail factory in the midwest,plus the hurt he caused the soy bean farmers with these tariffs,that need a 12billion dollar bail out.
Let’s not even start on the environment, I know most if not all conservatives think the environment is in no danger at all, hell let’s get those coal plants back on line.
As a bleeding heart liberal I know it will last the rest of my days, but I really have doubts for the little ones that have to take over this mess.
Now lets get back to wages, wages for the average working slob in your country have stagnated since the mid 80’s, but I blame both republicans and democrats for that.
Wages for the average working slob have gone up 4% but the top 10 have seen over a 400% rise in their pay since the mid 80’s.

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I think it’s high time the left move on from Hillary. If she runs again it’ll basically hand the election over to Trump.

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The Democrats have moved on. It’s Trump who keeps pounding on her. Hillary won’t be nominated again.

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I think Hillary has the sense to put ambitions of elected office behind her. Personally, were I in her shoes, I’d throw my hands up in disgust, pick up my money and avoid politics for the rest of my days.

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I bet she’ll run again if given the chance. I do think that the left has enough sense not to let that happen.

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^You’re giving the left too much credit. It wouldn’t shock me, to see Hillary try again.

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Well that’s her problem. Bernie turned out to be the darling of the left. Clinton, like it or not was wedged into the slot reserved for the establishment candidate. She’d paid her dues, and took the hit without complaint when Obama jumped the line. Like the rest of us, she took it for granted that 2016 was her turn.

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Obama was 1000X more credible, competent and deserving than she was. She ran against a complete POS and lost, the left needs to let that sink in a little longer.

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Bernie was a huge reason Trump won. Who knows how many votes he got would have gone to Hillary, if he weren’t in the picture.

The dems should have hitched their wagon to Bernie. I’m afraid that it’s too late for Bernie to try again.

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I would have taken Bernie over all of them and I’m a republican. Hillary was the lone reason we have Trump. Conservatives were not thrilled with Trump either. I wrote in a candidate on my ballot in protest. In the end Hillary was so hated that Trump seemed like a good alternative to conservatives. That election was a complete catastrophe for both sides of the isle.

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@Are You I would have considered Bernie for sure. Kinda kooky but more palatable than DJT.

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He was not establishment and while I did not completely agree with him I was A-ok with that. I wish the left would realize that status quo, bought and paid for politicians are a straight line to failure. At least Trump was different even if it’s not for the best, we did not know and it was a chance the right took. I actually hope the left takes the house or senate so we get gridlock. Perhaps out of the ashes we’ll get a red blooded, objective, moderate and pro-american independent… one can only hope.

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Hate on trump is understandable. Hate on
Hillary is twisted, bitter and just psycho. Like Kerry she was swiftboated with the fake server and Benghazi issues.

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“But I feel like his obnoxiousness is really not why his political opponents dislike him.
It’s because Hillary Clinton lost the election.”

As someone who considers Trump a worse president than a fuming pile of plague pus, no.
(Maybe if by “political opponents” you mean the pro-Clinton DNC, or other Clinton fans, but that’s only one flavor of Trump opponent.)

* I think Clinton was a bad Democratic candidate, who thought she had the election in the bag. I think she’s a smarter, right-of-center pretending-to-be-progressive Democrat flavored Corporate/oligarchic tool/powermonger. She was however, experienced, intelligent, well-spoken, diplomatic, rational, and at least felt some need to impersonate and sometimes act like someone who cared about things like the environment, civil rights, reforms, corporate abuses, etc. Clinton was the less bad big-party choice, by about 200,000 miles, or more.

* Trump’s actions in office are what make him atrocious. Nearly every single one of his appointments has been terribly inappropriate, frequently a corporate or oligarchic tool designed to undermine the department they’ve been appointed to, or to do other kinds of mischief. He’s gutted environmental protections, passed massive corporate giveaways, and done horrible act after horrible act.

It has nothing to do with Clinton. I think Clinton would have been a different kind of problem, but one far, far less awful. Except perhaps for the possibility that Trump may inspire backlash and corrections sooner than Clinton would have.

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@SQUEEKY2 – Good post but as usual highly prejudiced. Trump is not an eloquent speaker. We all know that but he is an effective manager. Sure he has had a few missteps on his cabinet but that’s neither disastrous nor unexpected (at least by me). Obama had 8 years to turn the economy around and didn’t do it. Now you want to give him credit for what Trump has done. That’s a bridge too far for me. Hell, the bailouts are what arrested the decline in 2009 and Bush put those in place. I can’t believe you go to the deficit when Obama doubled it.

Yes the tariffs will cause short term pain but after decades of massive trade deficits it is difficult to get other countries to the table to try and fix it. The renegotiation of Nafta is a heluva accomplishment and shows what can be done with a little effort and patience. As for wages they are a result of the low unemployment. You can’t blame Trump for what has happened since the 80s. Most of these problems have been around for many decades and frankly Trump is fixing them one by one. With no help from the Democrats, I might add.

Sorry, I really don’t want to relitigate the Obama years. They were what they were. If you believe they were great, we’ll simply have to disagree. I didn’t want them to continue and neither did a large part of this country. That is the main reason Hillary lost.

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Obama did pull the economy out of the dumps, it took 6 years to do it.
The last 2 years of his term the economy was going nothing but up.
My point is when he took office the economy was tanking from 8 years of Republican rule, he fought tooth and nail and 6 years in he got it chugging along quite nicely.
Trump comes along with economy going nicely and he takes full credit saying he did it, and the reds believe him.

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@SQUEEKY2 – If you think a Growth Rate of 1.8% is great then we’ll go our separate ways on that. Whether Obama pulled us out of the recession is opinion and frankly we disagree on that as well. Obama didn’t put anything in place to arrest the decline. The turnaround occurred before he had a chance to do anything. It was the bailouts that did it. All Obama’s policies did nothing but slow the recovery. I can’t thank him for that. If we can’t see eye to eye on the Obama years, I see no point in going back to your misconceptions of the Bush years.

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I don’t know. I am (surprisingly) not the biggest fan of President Trump.
I really want a female president. I really do. But, having Hilliary as president would worry me because I don’t she would have done a good job and I think a lot of people would be upset. I feel that then, because she did such a bad job, the next time a female runs for president no one will take her seriously because our first was a failure. I want a female president but I want more than one. I don’t want sexist people to have their views proven because our first sucks.

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The point is now moot, though I believe Hillary would have made a formidable President. She’s smart, capable, and expert on the workings of our government. She’s also gone 30 years of bare knuckle combat with the GOP. She’s as tough as a $2 steak, and would be a lot tougher than Obama in dealing with conservative opposition.

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@stanleybmanly She also would have entrenched the Democratic party for a decade in pro-corporate Neo-liberal policies. She would have validated the legitimacy of the tactic of rigging the primaries. The Republicans are always going to be monsters, but if the Democratic party becomes just as bad then all hope is lost. At least with her loss, there’s hope that the party can once again become the party of FDR and the New Deal.

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@SergeantQueen Amen sister, preach. I feel the exact same way.

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