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Assuming that it's the same blend, do hot coffee and iced coffee carry the same amount of caffeine?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24718points) 2 months ago

Does the temperature of the coffee (or the process of heating or cooling the grounds) in any way alter the percentage of caffeine?

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I know you can get Mochas and Lattes iced and hot so I would think they do?

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I would assume so. The roast does, though. I forget which way it goes, but I think the darker the roast the more caffeine it has.

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Melting ice cubes will dilute the coffee, both its flavor and caffeine potency.

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Iced coffee is brewed much stronger for flavor. If you drink it without creamer and sugary stuff it packs quite a caffeine kick compared to a hot brew of the same grind, especially if you drink it before the ice melts.
Darker roast actually has less caffeine per volume (how coffee is measured when preparing it) but tastes bolder. Caffeine actually survives the roasting process quite well but the density of the bean changes.The variety of coffee bean makes a huge difference as well, more than the roast

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Thank you @ARE_you_kidding_me. I know it went one way or the other, but since I hate coffee I’m not a connoisseur!

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