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Have you ever met a character in fiction (specifically, a novel) who has the same name as you?

Asked by Jeruba (48175points) 3 months ago

If so, how does it register with you? Do you just shrug it off? Or do you perhaps pay special attention to the character?

Does this happen often?

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No because I have an unusual name. I think it would be weird to read a story with a character with my name. No matter the description of the character, I would probably imagine them as looking like me.

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Not me personally, but my mother.

She has a unique first name, and a fairly unique last name (same as mine). In one of the recent Jonathan Kellerman books (detective procedurals) there was a rather mean and nasty woman – a female lawyer – who had my mother’s name.

I called her and asked her if she somehow knew the Kellermans and if they didn’t like her :-). She said no, and we assume it was utter coincidence.

My real name is that same as a well respected person in the media business; I don’t worry about people confusing the two of us. Besides, he’s a good guy.

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I have a very unusual and difficult to pronounce last name that I have seen in fiction only twice in my 6+ decades. Once, in a badly written, went nowhere, novel, and once in a very popular novel by a vey popular author. I was listening to the latter as an audio book on a long drive but it was too distracting, the constant mangling of the name.

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Yes indeed, I am that volleyball drifting away much to Tom Hanks’ chagrin.

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Nope. I have a very common first name, but an uncommon last name (maiden). I rarely even run into my first name these days. My married name is the same as an academic writer, which is interesting for me.

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Picking up my turkey today, the butcher told me she was surprised by my name, because there is a character with my name in one of her favorite Agatha Christie mysteries. Now I am going to have to search for it!

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Only once, and although the book/story was really good, the character was a greedy, selfish ladder climber with a very high maintenance lifestyle.

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Yes. I don’t use the name I was given at birth, nut even though my first name was extremely unusual, I once saw it in a book. Since I don’t care for romance books, I didn’t read it. My middle name was fairly ordinary, the its spelling was not. Still, I saw it in a romance novel. No, I didn’t read it. I’ve since legally changed my name. Again, my first name is unusual, and I saw it in an old teen’s book. Didn’t read it. My middle name is in the Bible a few times, used for men, except once, it is used for a woman. Yep—I read that often! <Hee-hee!>

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