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When will the states recover the bodies of the soldiers trapped in the wreckage in Pearl Harbour?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13732points) 3 months ago

From WWII.

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Never. They’re to be left their as a permanent memorial, along with the ship. Besides, after 77 years, there are likely only bones, not bodies.

I’ve been there. The Pearl Harbor memorial is a moving site.

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Never. Where they lie is their grave.

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I was stationed briefly (3 months) on Ford Island (in Pearl Harbor). I had a chance to visit not only the Arizona Memorial, where there are still bodies, but all the other hulks of battleships that were docked around the island. It was very humbling. You can still see huge battleship wrecks, with huge bomb holes in them all around that island and each one has a plaque that tells what the ship was and how many people were on board and how many died that day.

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They were regarded as buried at sea since removing their bodies would have required cutting up the Arizona and they would probably have been mutilated in the process. This was regarded as disrespectful. Especially since they were Non-Combatants. Peace time sailors. No state of war existed between the US and anybody at the time.

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@redDeerGuy1 I’m curious what prompted you to ask. I’ve seen this question pop up from people every few years in various places. Is there some documentary out there that makes it sound like they aren’t intentionally being left there forever?

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@Zaku I think it might be rememberce day. I would not want to be trapped forever in a battleship.

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Don’t join the navy. There aren’t many warships sunk whose crews get anyone going looking for the bodies to bury them some other way.

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Why bother?
Their flesh has been consumed by the fishes, and their bodies are now the scaffolding for some corals.

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