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Why are all the President's men lying?

Asked by Stache (2428points) 2 months ago

Are details really needed?

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They believe in money and status over principle, and integrity.

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Because they can?

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Because that is what extreme right wingers do,protect the money and throw everyone else under the bus, then blame the democrats for it.

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It’s quite rare for anyone honest to be within a 100 yard radius of Trump.

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Lowlifes with no scruples supported by a big basket of deplorables.

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Trump chose associates with similar character traits.

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Because that’s what they’re being paid to do. And they were selected as people who would.

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$$$$ Follow the money.

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It’s their job & they are very proficient at it!!! Actually, this is nothing new. My very first job was working on Capitol Hill 50 years ago & every Senator, Congressperson, President, etc had their own set of “you want it, I’ll get it for you” personnel. Only difference was that most of them back then did have a little bit of a conscience…today, not so much!!!

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They want people to choose them. They promise things people wanna have and wanna hear. Even if people understand, that is lie, they still hope that’s not lie.
BTW, president women lie too;)

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