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When Trump dies, will people line up to pay respect to him? Will he be honored under the dome of the Capitol?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30572points) December 4th, 2018

Watching the TV coverage of the Bush lying in state, all of the ceremonies and pomp around it, I began to wonder.

When Trump dies, will there be large international outpourings of respect and honor?

Will there be a state funeral?

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Assuming he would lie in state, anything else is just guesswork as he hasn’t finished his first term. Remember, Bush was bashed very hard, too, but in hindsight many Dems no longer find him as offensive.

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Some people will no doubt, the rest will be breathing a giant sigh of relief and disinfecting the White House.

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Of course. The George H.W. Bush worship by the media is disgusting. This guy’s body should have been dumped in a garbage bag behind a McDonald’s. The whitewashing of war criminals and monsters is something the U.S. is great at doing. If Hitler was our’s, we’d have his relatives throwing first pitches at world series games.

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I wouldn’t make a special trip. But if I drove by Trump’s grave, I would certainly piss on it. If I had to go number 2, what better place?....

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Hindsight is a lot better than current political rancor. History will judge him and I suspect much better than the current crop of democrats.

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I don’t like the guy, and I also won’t the minute he died.
But I’m sure he is loved by the people close to him, and of course by a substantial part of the electorate (be it not the biggest part), and there are some nation leaders that have him high (and/or will pretend to have on the day of the service).
I wouldn’t miss him.
But then again, I miss none of the political leaders that have passed, at home, or abroad.

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Will “people”? Ya, someone despicable will pay some people to do that.

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People will line up to look at him. What will be in their minds, I can’t say.

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Probably. There are bound to be some. Like the multitudes who crowded the parkway for his inauguration.

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Wait…Trump is dying?

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Assuming he doesn’t get kicked out of office, I think they will. Plenty of people like him.

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I’ll be there to make sure and say, “THANK YOU GOD”.

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I think it is likely to go the way of Richard Nixon. His family had the decency to forgo the big Washington funeral, which would have been a joke.

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Well, there you are, @Kardamom. They had the decency. This one probably wants a pyramid erected on Pennsylvania Avenue.

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International? No.
Nationally there will be people who will venerate him yet but there will always be the majority who will loath him and what he stands for.

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If he manages to serve out his one term with out being thrown out of the White House in disgrace, then I think there will be token displays, and there will be a graciousness that he probably does not deserve, but I somehow doubt there will be any deep emotions or feelings or respect. You don’t speak ill of the dead, but you can say nothing at all. And I think that will say it all.

On 60 Minutes last week they had 3 former presidents, Bill Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama, reminisce about Bush. Apparently trump wasn’t asked to speak.

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@Jaxk History will be going “WTF were they thinking?”

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I see no reason to “honor” Presidents or any other famous people when they die. They’re dead, so they can’t enjoy it. Though maybe leaders, performers, etc., while they are still alive, are enjoying dreaming about being honored, and maybe even trying to be more significant and effective in whatever it is they do, so they will achieve what they envision as a kind of immortality. But it’s not immortality. When you’re dead you’re dead and there is no passage of time from the point of view of a nonexistent being, because they have no point of view anymore. A passing second is as good as the passage of a gazillion years, and all civilization is as good died out and gone once you die.. But mainly I reject giving to one life any more honor than to any other just because they happened to have had notable success—or notoriety in the public’s eye. And people who are inclined for success were born with that ability, or into a favorable environment to succeed, or even with the will to work hard and succeed,. It was a gift at birth that they didn’t earn (because they weren’t around yet to earn that gift). Finally, I think all life is precious, or should be (and I’d include non-human animal life in that).
As for Trump in particular: No comment.

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Funerals and honor and memorials and stuff aren’t for the dead. They’re for the living. If they lived a life worthy of respect there is absolutely no harm in acknowledging that after they die.
That is why I doubt there will be any type of acknowledgement when Trump dies, except perhaps among family members.

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Yes, they are for the living, for their comfort, or for making them feel better, or whatever—like religion. I still find them both (memorials AND religion) maudlin and self-indulgent (for the living). Better to spend all that time and money on trying to be productive yourself, rather than singling out some people as somehow special and deserving for honors that other unknown people are not.

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I still don’t think Trump will actually be missed, much less honored.

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Like all that fuss over G.H.W. Bush. You would think he was sainted instead of a two-bit pol involved in the CIA killing of JFK (probably along with Teds dad). Nobody mentions that nooooo… Only about how he was shot down in WWII and went on to become such a kind benevolent ruler.

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I don’t think conspiracy theories have a place in any eulogy.

IMO, the only president who really deserved a big huge deal made was JFK, just because he was the sitting president at the time. But if people feel better about making it a big deal, I’m not going to fault them for it.

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JFK was only what he was because he was killed. He was really no better than the rest.

Remember the old saying about a statesman being a dead politician? Yeah, along those lines.

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I think he was better. He did a lot to further the civil rights movement, even though it wasn’t a very popular thing to do for a lot of people.

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@rojo Someone had to say it. Good job.

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@Dutchess_III I think it is more a case of he did not have the opportunity to screw things up. Remember, he was responsible for the Bay of Pigs fiasco and that led directly to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Sure, he got credit for standing up to Kruschchev but he doesn’t get the blame he deserves for bringing it to that point to begin with.

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I don’t know enough about it to argue it.

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@Dutchess_III History will be going “WTF were they thinking?”

Isn’t that what world leaders are saying now?

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@rojo JFK was only what he was because he was killed.

That’s not the way I remember it!

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Not the way I remember it either.

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