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What’s your most recent shake your head from side to side?

Asked by JLeslie (57229points) December 4th, 2018 from iPhone

Admittedly, I partly asked this question to tell you what happened to me today, but I’m curious about yours too.

Talking to a man today who is from England (it doesn’t matter what country he is from, but I do think it’s worthwhile he is not born and raised in America) he has lived in America many years.

In our brief conversation he tells me he’s a Democrat and has bumper stickers on his car, which he characterizes as risky in our mostly red city. I don’t know why he felt compelled to bring up politics.

Then he brings up immigration, and I say jokingly, “ah immigration, well you’re an immigrant right?”

He says something or other…”not the same as the Mexicans or the Muslims.”

Insert pause.

I warn, “careful I’m married to a Mexican.”


He asks, “are you serious?”

I reply, “dead serious, I’m just trying to help you so you don’t say anything more that you might regret later.”

Idiot. He doesn’t know me at all. We were both in a Porsche Club meeting.

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I was at a Starbucks and a college freshman mentioned to his study partner “You know, I don’t mean to brag, but for some reason i think I process things faster than most people. I never study for tests but always pass them. I seem to remember a lot of things about history really well…So, where are you from?”

His friend replied that he’s from the Phillipines.

“That’s near Puerto Rico right?”

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@JLeslie I’m curious if he gave you any reason? I’m not surprised because some Dems in my area are the legit racists, way more than Reps.

My last moment was when my friend asked if I wanted to go on a free trip to Hollywood so she could be on a tv judge show. Um no way.

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@KNOWITALL I don’t think it had to do with his politics in the end, but just that on the topic of immigration he obviously is aligned more with the right. The reason I brought up he’s a Democrat and English, is because I made assumptions based on that when he brought up immigration, and we know assumptions often are wrong. He told me his wife is a blazing republican.

My mom has been a Democrat her whole life, but is fairly conservative on immigration issues, but she isn’t against people from particular countries immigrating. Her thing is more about being wary of young men, people not paying into the system, and limited resources.

The shake my head is about people assuming I must not be associated with other minority groups. I guess he sees a white girl at the Porsche club and assumes I’m only surrounded by “white” people in my life. I didn’t bother to mention to him a friend of mine is Muslim (from the UK of all places) and my boss’ family was Muslim, but I’m pretty sure she is an atheist. Both happen to be Pakistani, but born in the UK and Canada respectively. The Canadian was raised in America since being a toddler.

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The deliberate avoidance/denial of facts and history.

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Trump being seated with the Presidents at George Bush’s funeral.

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George Bush was a war criminal, so I don’t think Trump was out of place too much

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It happened at a neighborhood message board. I asked for some recommendations for a good consignment shop, because I’d like to sell some household goods. I didn’t get any referrals, but I did get two people who lectured me about how I should donate my items to charity, rather than sell them, to help poor and homeless families.

First, not helpful in any way.

Second, these people know nothing about me or what my items might be. They have no idea that I recently donated 12 boxes of useful things to the American Red Cross. They also don’t know that I want to sell the following: a Wedgewood vase; some crystal perfume bottles; my mother’s sterling flatware service for 12; some valuable framed artworks; an expensive, framed mirror; a hand-painted soup tureen that holds 25 cups; a luxury carving set. None of these items are appropriate for contributions, and none would help an impoverished family achieve independence.

This response was a small annoyance, but an eyeroll and head-shake nonetheless. These people really shouldn’t have been so presumptuous or preachy.

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@Love_my_doggie You must look RICH~! haha, ya, that was rude.

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@Love_my_doggie, kind of silly—that snap-judgment those people made without knowing you at all. Think about it, and you’ll eventually laugh, if you aren’t already. The little secrets—about who you know you really are—are delightful. I love those little things. You can curl up with them and sleep well.

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