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Is Champs Elysees open in Paris right now?

Asked by Walenski (8points) 2 months ago

I am planning to visit Paris to observe the decoration of Champs Elysees in particular. Is that area closed due to riots?

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Now that Macron has backed off on the fuel tax hike, I would think the protests are subsiding but I expect it changes from day to day. Best to do some internet searching before you go. One possibility if you do decide to go and it is still closed is to visit other parts that will be festive like rue des Abbesses and Sacre Couer in Montmartre, the Place de Vosges and rue de Rivoli on the Right Bank and the Boulevard st Germain on the Left,

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I don’t see any sign or traffic interruption around the Arc de Triomphe on this webcam .

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A musical view of les gilets jaunes

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