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When you arrive home in the evening, do you immediately put on your pajamas?

Asked by JLeslie (57229points) December 8th, 2018 from iPhone

A friend of mine complains her new husband puts on his pajamas as soon as he gets home from work. I told her that doesn’t sound strange to me. If I know I’m in for the night, I change into my comfy clothing.

How about you? Does it matter what you wore out for the day whether you change into jammie’s early?

Do you often eat dinner in your pajamas at home?

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I take off everything except my underwear. Then I put my groceries away. Then I have cereal or yogurt.

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If we are not going back out, and Mrs Squeeky says she is getting into her pjs then most likely I will too.

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It would never occur to me.

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No, but I’m not one to judge.

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Never. I put my pyjamas on immediately before bed and have done since time immemorial.

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So some of you keep your tight fitting work clothes on until you go to bed? You don’t put loungewear on? Not necessarily sleepwear.

How uncomfortable.

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I think it’s an easy habit to develop, particularly for those folks who work nights.

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Home/lounge/casual wear which also serve as pjs.

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Pajamas? Arriving home in the evening? What manner of madness is this?

I recall shooting an elephant in my pajamas, or was it a trunk in my trunks and I was elephants,anyway there was definitely an elephant in the room and it was a pajama game.

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@ragingloli while I agree with you that it should be spelled pyjamas, pajama is the preferred American English spelling. If we started correcting all their weird misspellings we’d never get anything done.

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Really depends on the indoor temperature. I don’t set it, our landlord does though we have portable heaters which I could turn on if need be.

What mostly happens is I grab a plate of food, plop on the couch in my work clothes and prepare myself for indigestion while watching CNN.

Also this question makes me think, why isn’t Fluther selling Fluther PJs?

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Not worn jimmyjammies since I was a kid, but I will change into shorts or jog pants & sports vest at some point in the evening, not immediately though no.

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Either spelling is fine.

When I say pajamas I mean clothes you sleep in. If it’s a t-shirt and underwear that’s fine. If it’s clothing that doubles as loungewear that’s fine too. I mostly just meant changing into comfortable clothes.

My girlfriend mostly is annoyed that her husband changing means he isn’t going anywhere. Isn’t going to be taking her out to anything or anywhere that night.

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I don’t have any particular clothes that I call “pajamas.” What ever casual, comfy clothes I put on after work is what I start out wearing to bed. Eventually, as I warm up I strip down to tshirt and undies.

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I work from home, so I live in comfy clothes all day. Not pajamas (I sleep nakie), but soft and loose-fitting leggings, tunic-length t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

When I worked in an office/wore professional clothes, I definitely changed into something more comfortable, mainly jeans at that time, though.

No matter what I’ve been out doing, at the bare minimum, the bra comes off the second I’m home!

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I am off work in early afternoon, so I always get out of my work clothes and into something comfortable, like shorts and a t shirt, or jeans and a t shirt or polo.

I don’t get comfy into bed clothes until bed time.

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No. I have too many things to do when I get home.

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That’s the FIRST thing I do! I can’t wait to take my panties off and put on yoga pants… commando.

I hate underwear and jeans and I wear leggings/ yoga pants all the time.

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@Auggie I wish I could ditch the bra like that!

@BackinBlack since you’re using leggings and yoga pants as underwear, too, do you wash them as often as you wash regular underwear?

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@Dutchess_lll YES! I have enough pairs of leggings/yoga pants that I wash them after one or two wears.

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That’s very nice. Thank you from everyone.

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@Dutchess_lll, why can’t you ditch the bra at home?

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Sloppy, ugly and some times painfull, if I do anything that requires any substantial movement. I hate them. Ugh.

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But my PJs are such that if I wanted/needed to, they can be worn outside, to a store, etc. I never wear regular PJs but comfortable turtlenecks or pullover shirts and soft, comfortable, elastic-waist street pants. I usually change into my regular street clothes to go out, however.

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