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Which household chore do you find most relaxing to do?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22685points) January 11th, 2019 from iPhone

As asked.

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I don’t know if I call any household chore relaxing. I find vacuuming “satisfying,” because in a few easy minutes the lines in the carpet make my house look clean even if I cleaned nothing else. To some degree I feel that way about most chores, that it’s satisfying to see the end result. Probably right up there with vacuuming is cleaning my bathroom. In 20 minutes I can put things on the counter away and make everything shiny and new. It’s satisfying.

Maybe that’s why I’m not a neatnik? Finding chores relaxing sounds like a big bonus, unless it’s an avoidance of dealing with things that make you anxious.

Chores for me are more like which one do you hate the least.

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Since cooking is a part of household chores I’ll have to say that I enjoy cleaning, peeling, deshelling, preparing raw vegetables, even more so than raw meat (I don’t like to clean dishes, however). If the house cointains plants that would also mean that gardening is part of household chores too so I’ll say that I love watering, pruning, seeding, and fertilizing my plants. I also like wiping furniture with wet cloth. I feel that taking care of my pets are somewhat enjoyable too (well, not so much with disposing their poops, though).

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^^Wow, all things I hate doing. I think my MIL is like you. I’m going to find this Q interesting I think.

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^^ They’re really relaxing to do and I feel that once you’ve gotten used to them you might find them enjoyable. Think that your efforts are useful and will make someone/something happy and you’ll start to see that it’s rewarding to do that.

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^^I do them almost every day. Cooking usually twice a day.

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We have staff for that

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Flushing spent human test subjects out of the airlock.

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Taking my sweet time cooking a dish or two while watching something on my laptop or iPhone, cleaning and washing utensils and pots and pans I used on the go including the stove top ——- I find that all relaxing.

After this relaxing session, looking at the kitchen ( including the floor ) you wouldn’t know two dishes were just recently prepared there.

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Sitting on the couch and making sure that the cushions do not fly up on their own accord.

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@ucme I always thought the most satisfying household chore is in upbraiding, bullying and firing the staff.

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Dishes by hand. Something about the clean, empty sparkling sink triggers pride.

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@stanleybmanly Of course that is very satisfying but i’d call it more of a hobby than a chore.

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Easy ironing with a hot iron making the fabric straight and stiff!

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Folding warm towels.

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The most relaxing chores to do are “what’s yours”.

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I don’t mind cleaning the kitchen.

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I can’t think of any. I hate all of them

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Sleeping. It has to be done once a day. That makes it a chore.

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I like chopping wood.

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@KNOWITALL….I have to agree with dishes by hand. There is something soothing about it. It was kind of a bonding thing when my kids were home. Standing side by side with them, a temporary truce called, with nothing to do but swish around in warm, sudsy water, and chat.
“How was school today?”
In fact, to this day they have had dish washers in their places that they’ve ignored in favor of washing by hand.

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