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Are you a good kisser?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22685points) January 11th, 2019 from iPhone

What do you think makes a good kisser?

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I have been complimented on my kissing.

For me, at the beginning it is important to close my lips upon her upper lip and the lower lip, small kisses on her lips, while holding her steady but not clasping too tightly.

And use the tongue sparingly to begin. If she opens her mouth, touch her lips with your tongue and wait for her to respond with her tongue before using the tongue more.

The biggest mistake is going to kiss her and starting by jamming your tongue down her throat.

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I am more a biter than a kisser. I will leave it at that, so I don’t get NSFW.

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I suck.
Nuff said.

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Don’t think I’m the one who should answer that.

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No offence but I think even @zenvelo might have trouble with that beak.

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@flutherother. What about a fish?

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I don’t know. Having kissed both genders, I think guys kiss more aggressively on average, which I don’t seem to do (as @zenvelo says, a tongue jammed down my throat is not pleasant. And drunken kissing is just ugh). So I wonder who would appreciate my kissing style better :P I’ve been complimented but only in a vague way, so I don’t know specifically what I’m doing right.

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@janbb Too cold and salty. I would guess, I haven’t tried it.

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One tender, butterfly kiss from these baby soft lips & erect nipples are guaranteed.
Refined technique over the years practicing on the saucy maid from below stairs, boy she could suck a golfball up a hosepipe.

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Yes. Presence. Attention. Empathy. Experience.

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@zenvelo “while holding her steady” lest she swoon and fall flailing to the floor in paroxysms of ecstasy.

I’d need to practise my embouchure first, perhaps on a brass instrument this time.

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Can you french kiss with dentures?

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Sure, but lots more can happen without the dentures.

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