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Do you have a mental file on each Jellyfish in the pond?

Asked by KNOWITALL (21924points) January 14th, 2019

It kind of feels like I have an index card on everyone, not that I don’t get confused sometimes with name changes, etc…but it’s kind of interesting how we form relationships here.

How do you keep your info straight on us?

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Not everyone – just you, @KNOWITALL ! :-)

Seriously, I am just pretty good at keeping people on here straight by connecting the dots – and being on here a lot. Sometimes I totally forget someone who hasn’t been around much.

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My file cabinet is very small; it (that is, my brain) can only contain up to about 10 to 15 cards.
Of course I could name many more names of Jellies, if ordered so, but above number is the number of Jellies that I have formed somewhat full pictures of.

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Kinda sorta. I try to tailor my answers accordingly, too. TRY to, anyway.

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@janbb I’m sure there are several files on me, I(‘m an Aquarius.

I just think it’s weird that I literally can not talk to someone in a couple months, they post on here and I’m like “Oh ya, that’s Index file 32 aka Caravanfan”, it feels Sheldon Cooper-ish which we normal folks don’t get to feel very often. I also remember long numerical sequences very well. Other than that, no such gifts…lol

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Not so much a “mental file” more of a hit list really ;-}

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There are some jellies I mix up with others.

Some jellies I find very predictable, and I guess I have an index card on them in my brain, but most jellies I don’t.

Most jellies, for every Q I wait to see their answer without assumptions.

One of the best things about fluther is most jellies care about debate and discussion and are not completely predictable. We have so many different life experiences here, and various different skill sets.

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I do have a Nazi drawer, though.

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Not really. Mostly only on the flavorful ones.

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Yes. I do keep track of some people’s personality here. Sometimes I wonder what kind of nametag I have in people’s file cabinet too :P

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Mostly just by weeks, months, or years of interaction, and observation, and by being friends with many of you folks on Facebook, where you also get pictures, and can hear people’s speaking voices on videos, and where there is more talk about each person’s real life outside of Fluther.

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My mind has created a mental picture of quite a few of the more regular contributors. It’s partly how I imagine they look physically and it is partly what I imagine their character to be and how I think they might interact socially. Their physical appearance I cannot know but it forms in my mind nonetheless. Sometimes it is influenced by their avatar. I think I have a mental picture of as many former jellies as I have of the current ones.

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Been thinking about this & made me realise two things…

1) I’m a stunningly good judge of character so if you’re on my “good list” you deserve it.
2) Well, there is no number two coz number one was so good.

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How do you keep your info straight on us?

Ten plus years of interaction. No files needed.

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I do, of the more active users. Others, it sometimes takeseven a bit

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A mental file?! Hell, I have actual files on all y’all — with photos, diagrams, and everything.

Can never be too careful. ~

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Not on each. (There are standouts.) And there are too many that come and go…

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No, I don’t think so. To me it is more of a grouping with subsets. I don’t keep track of individuals, just like it is fairly rare of me to PM someone and certainly not on a regular basis, but I know generally what category(s) members fall into.

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I group members by political leanings and occupation, if that information is available. I am socially awkward and it is only with some conscious effort that I can try to create personality profiles. I have thought of creating a computer document giving descriptions of jellies, but I hesitate because it would seem a bit over the top.

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@LostInParadise I try to group by politics, personality and location as my top 3. Of course there’s a like and dislike categorization, too haha.

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@LostInParadise Back when we had so many users that you could not even read all the questions asked in just one day, I had a notebook that I jotted people’s information in. Usually just their user name and where they were from. If someone liked the same music or books that I liked. It was hard to keep up then.

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