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Am I anti-feminist if I drink milk and eat eggs?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30539points) February 1st, 2019

PETA (who else??) link says that chickens have turned into ‘egg machines’ and have been deprived of their essential femaleness.

They also say that drinking milk is anti-feminist because it forces the cows to be raped and inseminated and constantly pregnant. link

Is eating eggs, and drinking milk anti-feminist to you?

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Nope. PETA is a bunch of hypocritical murderers that will kill your puppy or kitty rather than rescue it.

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What an extreme opinion!

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No, just Anti-Vegan. You would also eat the Queen’ Bee’s honey, and say, “I don’t care if you ARE the queen, bitch!”

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Yes. Unfortunately they are delicious and nutrtiious. I try to buy responsibly.

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No, I don’t think so…
Eat a woman and I’ll reconsider.

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^^ Have you been getting naughtier lately?

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No, I think not. I have problems with the egg and dairy industries, but that is NOT why.

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Using that logic it is more appropriate to say that eating eggs is more anti-male. Newly hatched male chicks are quickly ground up and used as an ingredient in the egg laying hen’s feed. It must be true I got that information from PETA.

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It certainly COULD be done more humanely. Chickens and cows on a well-kept small-to-medium farm are perfectly content. Eggs and milk may be a dollar or thereabout more than those that are mass produced in horrid conditions, but that’s only 2–3 dollars a week’s difference and it’s worth it.

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There are naturally farmed eggs and milk. I’m sure PETA know that not all animals are being kept in production facility and forced to act in a productive way for human.

Another weak/wrong strategy instigated by PETA. They wanted feminist groups to band together with them but they failed to notice that not all feminists are vegan, as the result they got a backlash. Let’s us all eat only animal product from male animals, but wait… that will male us sexist/anti-masculinist!

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Only if you consume human milk and eggs.

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No. I’ll never by that argument.

And just FYI, most vegans hate PETA, including me.

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Why do you hate PETA?

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For shit like this. For saying it’s better to euthanize animals instead of trying to find them homes. For their racist imagery. Look it up.

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You can always find something you don’t like about an organization. I have no feelings one way or another about them. I wondered about your own personal views.

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I think PETA’s undercover investigations are so important to the movement, but overall they make vegans look bad.

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