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Does it mean I am ugly if a guy has never asked for my number before?

Asked by plight (21points) February 7th, 2019

So I am a 23 year old girl and I have never really had a guy ask for my number before out in public. I am 5’4 and 120 lbs. I never really thought I was ugly but I hear it happening to other women so it makes me question my attractiveness. I have only been approached by men to tell me I am beautiful but never once has a guy asked for my number. Do you think this means I am ugly?

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Not at all. Men rarely if ever asked for numbers in the past; these days they don’t at all. And, if you are really attractive, they’ll be scared to ask you for your number.

Would you even give it out to them if you don’t know them?

And most men will wait until they get to know you even a little bit. So it’s better to meet men when you are doing something fun, like hiking in a group or in an exercise class, or volunteering.

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My stepson believes when he meets a girl he likes, he will give his phone number in some uber-subtle way and then figure its in the woman’s court. Seems a silly game to me. It might be that the guys are insecure and are afraid of rejection, especially if you are a very attractive woman. My wife (before she was my wife) gave her number to a couple guys and they never called her. I just asked her out and she went with me. We found out later the guys she gave her number to were very insecure and couldn’t see that she was wanting for them to ask her out. Their loss, my gain.

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Actually, it could be the opposite. You could be too beautiful and thus intimidating to guys, who figure that you’re out of their league. Have you thought of that?

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The guy who only wants your number due to your looks more than likely also only wants you for the SEX he’s needing!!! In my younger days, I didn’t date good looking guys simply because I found that they loved themselves more than I possibly ever could!!! So, I got to the place that IF I found him good looking that I didn’t even try to start a relationship with them.

The one thing that I’ve learned in life is that “love” is the important part of any good relationship & the looks do NOT matter!!! I suggest that you focus on getting your life started out on being self sufficient & the rest will take care of itself. Yes, it’s nice to have a loving partner in it; but, a partner is NOT a requirement for a HAPPY life!!!

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You could upload a pic, otherwise how could we possibly say yes or no?

Usually your girlfriends let you know what guys are saying as you grow up. Like Danny said you were too skinny, or you had weird hair….lol

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Numbers were just numbers. It can never define your beauty nor your identity. Maybe, God says, the right man for you were still away and you just have to learn to wait for the right man in the right time. For now, focus on improving your self esteem and wait till God let you bumped to your Mr. Right. :)

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