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Is the ignorance of the American public regarding the actual facts in Venezuela working to our detriment?

Asked by stanleybmanly (19849points) February 8th, 2019 from iPhone

For example, is there any evidence that the United States might seek to overthrow a government sitting on the world’s largest proven oil reserves? Remember Iran? Is anyone suspicious about a former bus driver, working his entire life, and winning an election certified world wide as legitimate only to be toppled by a Washington insider industrial crony?

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I am so upset about this and the lack of public interest that I can’t discuss it calmly. The fact that this is the same playbook we have been using for decades means it’s all in the open, yet nobody cares. Shit, they even brought back Elliott Abrams (a war criminal and complete monster) to commit more war crimes.

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@hmmmmmm You’re doing pretty well discussing it reasonably calmly, all things considered.

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I think right now people are so focused on what is going on in the country that there is not much concern for what is going on – or what we are doing – externally.

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Yeah, it has to be US intervention, especially since it couldn’t be their socialist policies leading to their demise.

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^The US has a proven history of getting involved with resource rich countries. Especially if they can paint that country’s leadership in a negative way, making war/regime change more acceptable to the US public.

Seems like a golden( black gold) opportunity to do it again.

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