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How can you put down a dog that is ready to die?

Asked by Harper1234 (545points) February 16th, 2019

We cannot afford to take our dog to the vet to have him put down. He’ has lost all bowl movements and just lays there and goes on himself. You can see in his eyes he is ready to move on. My husband cannot shoot there any other humane way?

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Call around to vets, explain the problem. Call the humane society. Just start calling and explaining and eventually someone will help you out.
You might consider putting out a plea on Facebook. Find a vet who will accept payments from people on Facebook, and have them pay him directly so they know it isn’t a scam.
We recently had our dog put down. It cost us $80. The burial cost us $75, but you can bring your dog home and bury him in the yard.

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Our dog is a big one and it cost $125.
We definitely want him buried at home.
Thank you Dutchess..some good ideas.

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Please stay with us long enough to let us know how it goes and good luck.
FWIW, Dakota was a German Shepherd. We’re from Kansas, so maybe it’s just less expensive here.

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Can you borrow some money? Can you just show up at a vet’s and explain that you can pay only in tiny installments? Dutch has good ideas. Most vets are very kind in these situations.

If all else fails, take him to a shelter and say you found him. They probably won’t believe you, but they’ll euthanize him and you’ll have helped this poor dog out of his misery.

I’m sorry.

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One more thought: If you start a GoFundMe account, sums like that can be reached in minutes. You will need to share the link with some friends and/or animal lovers.

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Get the money or have someone else shoot him.

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Our dog just passed away in his sleep earlier this week. He was old and it came on suddenly. First he refused to go outside and would urinate immediately after drinking water right next to his dish. The second day he began urinating where he was laying. At that point we decided to take him to the vet the next day. Our son found him unresponsive that morning, the day we were going to take him.

I don’t know if this is common, dying soon after they won’t even get up to urinate, but if it is your dog may go peacefully very soon.

I don’t really have any advice. I’m still deeply depressed from my dog’s passing and just wanted to offer my support. Hugs.

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I agree with @Dutchess_III. My neighbors had a very sweet dog that needed to be put down. They weren’t real flush with cash so the vet did it gratis.

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You can always have someone else shoot him.

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I second a Go Fund Me. I’d have the money payable directly to the vet so people will know it’s not a scam.

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If you can come up with a fair amount to pay up front (try at least 25%), as a show of good faith effort on your part, most veterinarians will be willing to work with you.

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@Harper1234 @janbb (I think) brought to our attention that before this dog is even buried you’re looking for another dog. I agree with her, that I wish you would reconsider. If you don’t have the money to put this one to sleep, how are you going to pay for shots and other vet care for the new dog?

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Praise the Lord we found a vet this morning that would put down our Tex. He came out to the truck and gave him a shot. Vet said when their quality of life gets this bad it is time for them to be humanely put down. I kissed him on the nose and told him to go find his buddy Hank the border collie that died 2 years ago. Then I had to call my son and tell him as it was actually his dog but he had already grew up and moved out as Tex was about 12 years old. We saved his old collar for Andrew. Vet charged us $20. He will be buried by Hank. Thank you all for caring. It will need to be Spring before we get another dog but farms need a dog. Tex was just a mixture of different breeds but was over 100 pounds. Never had a problem with him at all. RIP Tex—you will be missed.

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