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I had a question How do you get a dog to stop destructive chewing on your home when you go out?

Asked by pelongarcia (1points) August 23rd, 2008

I left my house for about 3 hours and when I came back my dog had bit right through the drywall and door frame to the door going outside I had door and frame fixed and he did it again the second time then I put him in my basement thinking he would’nt do it again and he did it to my basement door as well. The one that has really done it it that yesterday I was gone again for about 3–4 hours I put him in a crate in the basement and he got lose he actually flipped he’s crate and found he’s way out. He chewed through all my wood door going up to me kitchen he left nothing but pieces of the wood door on floor it looked like the door had actually been shaved or shredded. I need to get help for Brownie or im going to have to give up my dog I cant afford to keep paying for repairs that Brownie does when home alone. Im a single mother of 4 and I just cant afford it as much as We love our dog I might just have to find him another home.

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You have to keep trying the crate, I would suggest getting the metal ones, how old is the dog? I had this problem too, just need the age so I can give you a proper suggestion.

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Maybe leave him something that’s okay for him to chew on so he can still work out his frustrations and not eat your house.

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You know, there ARE high school girls who will babysit PETS.

The fees are reasonable.

August 23, 2008, 7:19 PM EDT

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Yes, it sounds like a more secure crate might help.
I also read here that you might try some kind of bitter spray to make your door frames, etc less yummy. Also has other tips…

Here’s a video I found on dog chewing.

I believe teething is a phase – soon your dog will grow up and get past it. Good luck.

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dogs are pack animals and when there is no pack (you are now their pack) they get anxious. the solution for this is another dog. then the other dog becomes their pack, also, and so they have no (or less) anxiety when you’re not home, because they still have their pack (the other dog) home with them.

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I agree with ica, almost everyone I know that has dogs have two or more for that reason just make sure if you get another dog it is younger and smaller than your first one so they won’t fight over whose the leader.

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Is this a happy dog? Unless it’s some sort of terrier all that chewing could be because the dog’s unhappy and anxious. Or perhaps bored. Try upping the number of walks and see if the exercise helps.

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My dog snealks in the bathroom and eats the toilet paper when we’re not looking. She’s nine years old and just started this! She even does it when we’re home. She’s drovong me crazy!

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I did get a “scat mat” to put by my front door when we’re gone. She chewed up a really expensive door trying to get at the gardeners who tease her with their blowers by the window.

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dogs often have seperation anxiety…this can be the cause of your dogs behaviors. yes crate trainning is a long process but is well worth saving your home or anything else you may loose. another thing you can try is called pet no. it has an unpleasent odor for cats and dogs. anything you spray it on they will not go near. its safe and wont hurt your stuff theres no color to it and you can hardly smell it. remember animals smell is way better than ours. being a vet teck i have rescued many animals and it has worked with all of mine thus far.

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My dog is a one year old and he is an American Pitbull Terrior He is a very loving dog the kids and I love him very much If he did not have this problem I was say he is perfect. I guess I could keep trying to train him to be in the crate He is normally not use to be tied down He has always been a free dog I have not even gotten him use to him being tight up with a leash I have always just had a collar on him and He has always went out with me every where I go but now things have changed and I cant always have him with me. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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