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Is it typical to live many years using a colostomy bag?

Asked by Aster (18996points) 1 week ago

A friend of my grandson wears a colostomy bag ; she has colon cancer. I keep reading that you can wear those for five to twenty years! Is this the norm? Are they often removed or would that be the exception?

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It’s of people with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis have long-term colostomy bags.

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My cousin had to wear one since childhood, and is now in her sixty’s.

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Yes, I know someone who has had one over 30 years, but he did not have cancer.

The wife of my dad’s friend had one for a few months, she did have stage 3 cancer. Two days ago she went for surgery to reverse it, and she died a day later. Something went wrong from the surgery I guess. She was in her 70’s. Maybe it was a blood clot? I don’t know.

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